23 signs that he has a secret crush on you - TryPair (2023)

Did you notice that nerdy guy looking at you through his glasses from a distance? As soon as your eyes land on him, he realizes that you have disturbed his secret mission to secretly take care of you. He rolls his eyes frantically and back to his books.

You like it, right?Do you think it's hot?.

His strong muscles bulge out of his shirt.

He has immense knowledge in all fields and is exceptionally intelligent.

But you have no idea of ​​his true feelings for you.

You're not sure if you're really his crush or if he's looking at you as part of some experiment for his science project.

You want to know what is going on in your mind and you wish there was a machine that would help you read your mind...But that is not possible.

But do you know what is possible? You can easily read his body language. In addition to body language,the guy is giving you many signs of attraction to you that you don't realize.

Do you want to know if he is in love with you and not just in his mind?

So let's get started!

23 Signs To Notice When He Has A Secret Crush On You

1. You make him restless!

23 signs that he has a secret crush on you - TryPair (1)

I was acting perfectly normal before you came on the scene and all of a suddenthe guy starts to move.

He slurred his words, moved his hands strangely, and seemed nervous.

"Girl... what did you do to him?"

Of course, none of his actions are triggered by you... (at least not intentionally!)

But the glow on her face and those bright eyes make him say things he doesn't mean to say and make him do things he didn't mean to.

All that nervousness equals the intense attraction he has for you.

2. Your opinion is important to him.

"Hello, Riana! Do you like my new hairstyle?

Your thoughts and advice are important to him.He asks your opinion about your fashion sense or the design of your presentation.

Work presentations or personal choices, it will make you like it.

If you don't want him to shave his beard, he won't. If you compliment him when he's wearing a yellow shirt, he'll wear it over and over again until it rips.

Why would the guy try so hard for you if he doesn't like you?

3. He wants to pay for you.

When a guy likes you he will want to pay for you.

He will offer to pay for everything: the burgers on the side, the ice cream they ate together, dinner, and drinks.

This is just another way to show him that you like him and Es ready to invest in the future.

You are really special to him and when paying he wants to bridge the distance of formality between the two of you.

4. Staring at you is his favorite pastime.

Busy in his work, he is not aware of his surroundings.Suddenly, you notice two bright eyes full of love and great interest looking at you.

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Can you guess whose eyes these are?It's from him.

Give yourself time and be patient before coming to a conclusion.

If you catch him looking at you several times a day, he has a crush on you. No man looks at you like that unless there is something serious in his heart.

5. His name appears daily in your notification list.

23 signs that he has a secret crush on you - TryPair (2)

“You have received 2 new messages from Henry”

The need to talk causes him to slide into his DMs.You will receive messages from him every day.

He'll want to know how you are... how's your health and what are you doing?

The daily messages from him are a sign thathe wants to know you more.

6. He touches you while talking.

When a guy touches you while talking, you might think it's just a friendly gesture.Butit's not.

He can touch you on his hands, on your shoulders and he can rest his head on yours.

This is an indication that you are doing everything you can to break down the walls of physical boundaries.

When a guy likes you, the attraction is very physical. As much as I try to hide my wishes from him,can't stop touching you

And if the boy hugs you happily, it's a win-win!

He's ready to take it to the next level, he's just very hesitant to express it.

7. Girl…you make him smile.

A smile can express a million feelings.

It is a sign that the person who smiled at you likes you and is happy to see you today.

But is your smile just a gesture of sympathy? Or is it more than that?

How is a man going to smile if he likes you more than a friend?

It's easy to understand.Your smile will be different and not the same as the smile you give to others.

It will be smoother. Your eyes will crinkle more. There will be real happiness in this. It will be the widest smile you have ever seen.

If you're the only one with that special smile... This guy has a crush on you.

8. Jealousy is one thing.

23 signs that he has a secret crush on you - TryPair (3)

You are talking and he is so happy that he smiles from chin to chin.

You talk about the other guy who is your colleague. You say how funny he is and the jokes about him are so good you can't stop laughing.

Suddenly, the happy-go-lucky look on her face disappeared.His smiling eyes are no longer smiling and he doesn't really respond to your statement.

He acts like he didn't hear you and gives youa look that screams his complete disinterest in what you just said.

Yes, you can already say,the guy is jealous. The other guy is just your friend, but it doesn't matter.

Crush gets jealous of every guy who gets the chance to burst out laughing at his pretty face.

He clearly wants to be your only one, even if he tries to keep it a secret.

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9. This boy respects you.

They say a woman wants nothing more than respect. And if you give her the respect she deserves, she'll love you with her life.

Looks like the guy knows.He is a total gentleman around you..

Whether opening doors or pulling up a chair,treat you with chivalry.

You are special to him and these are just the ways to show that you are on a high pedestal in his eyes.

What more does a woman want from a man?You have to keep this guy in your life because he is just as crazy about you.

10. Available to you 24/7.

"I just wanted you to know that no matter when you need me, I'll always be there for you."

You will hear these words from him.

These words are so soothing to the ears. Knowing that someone is there for you when you need them is very comforting.

And remember, these are not just words.You can really find him there when you need a helping hand.

You worked late at the office and you want someone to drive you home. It's an awkward situation because you don't want to bother anyone.

But this guy will offer to drop you at home and not only that, he will make you feel very comfortable.

After all, every boy wants to appear like a knight in shining armor to his little girl.

11. He tries really hard to look good

In order for you to like it, it will appear in its prime.You will wear well-ironed clothes and maintain hygiene.

Your hair and beard will always be in shape. You can hear a magnetic deodorant coming out of your body.

You will feel nothing but shock when you see him in shorts in a coffee shop with his hair messy while relaxing with his friends.

12. Make plans for a meeting.

23 signs that he has a secret crush on you - TryPair (4)

We choose to hang out with fun people. And if he's constantly making plans with you,it means he wants to spend time with you.

Even having many friends, the guy wants to spend his free time in your presence.

Making plans for just the two of you and leaving the rest of the company for whatever reason means that he wants to spend some alone time and be closer to you.

He likes you so much that he starts all the planning and doesn't want the meeting to end.This is another sign that you are her crush.

13. You know their future plans.

As a person who occupies a prominent place in your life,he shares his future plans with you.

The real stroke of luck will be whenincludes you in his future plans.

You will share your professional goals, your family goals. All the qualities you want in his future wife will be expressed.You will be surprised to know that all the qualities of your future wife are very similar to your personality.

he can open up to you. Sharing security and insecurities with you seems easy for him. He just says that he values ​​you very much and he wants to spend the rest of his life with you.

14. He talks about you with his friends

Who is the first person to know when you like someone... of course, your friends!

Therefore, it is very likely that their friends know you.

Even if you don't know of its existence,they will know everything there is to know about you: your age, your favorite color or even your responsibilities in the office.

It certainly means that he talks about you with his friends and you know it's really special if a guy does that.

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There could be any number of reasons why he talked about you: maybe he just wanted suggestions on how to woo you, or maybe he just wanted to show his heart.

But the main takeaway from this point is that:He is not shy to show you to the world.

15. I like it. Comments. stems

The new age has brought new ways to show care and new ways to make your presence felt:social media.

So you upload a photo in a new dress or a cool photo chilling with friends... Andeveryone will like it.

It's like I want you to know"Hey! I'm seeing you in that sparkly dress and I like it!

Did you just bless their feed with your beautiful photo?If you have.

And also upload a new photo and increase the rate of your heartbeat?

So let him know. After all, liking your photo won't cost much.

16. Eye contact is intense (very intense!)

23 signs that he has a secret crush on you - TryPair (5)

Isn't intense eye contact the most romantic thing?

If a man is in love with you, he will look you straight in the eye.Let me warn you, it will be intense.

You will almost feel like you are being mesmerized by him and he will break his gaze.

No matter how nervous I am around you,will make an effort to maintain great eye contact.

His eyes will be fixed on you and then on your lips and back on your eyes.

When this happens,it means that he is sexually attracted to you and wants to kiss you all over the face.

His gaze will be intense and to hide his nervousness he will begin to play with his hair or tap his feet.

17. He compliments you a lot.

What is the best way to let someone know your love for them?Give subtle compliments.

Complementing the beauty of your hair color, the redness of your cheeks and the dimples that appear when you smile...it will make you feel very special.

That's exactly what he wants, to make you feel special.

You may also receive praise for your work and dress ethic.

But hey, unlike other guys, your compliments will feel real.. And you will know that the boy fell in love with you.

18. Try to impress you.

When a guy tries to impress you, don't think twice.He is trying to chase you and he wants to make you his.

Seriously, who's going to work that hard to impress other girls they don't care about?

He prepares for you when you are out of the office.

Even in the office, he goes out of his way and tries his best to stop his friend when he goes to show an embarrassing selfie of his crush.

Talking about your passion and hobbies is another way to get your attention.

He will even end up having the same interests as yours and will brag about them.

He will try to impress you with his looks.Don't you do the same when you're in love with a boy?

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Must read:Signs that he wants a relationship with you

19. Remember details? It is not a big problem.

It's amazing to have someone in your life who remembers every detail and never misses an important day.

Your boyfriend might miss your important days like they never existed.But a guy who has a crush on you? NEVER!

On your birthday, he is always the first to wish you. When you are on your way to give an important presentation, do you hear him wishing you"All the best"mi "I know you will do the best you can. “

You will be surprised when he repeats the same words you said a month ago.

He remembers every word you say and holds it close to his heart.

just shows thathe thinks a lot about you

20. Act different in private.

The usual funny guy who messes with his friends and doesn't stop throwing comments all of a sudden.he is still in his presence.

Remove all unnecessary comments and it isfocused onlistening to you

He wants to show the best of himself in front of you, so he thinks before he speaks.

He doesn't mean anything that might accidentally hurt you or lower his image in your eyes.

Say what you saywants you to laugh or be impressed.He wants to leave an impression in your mind that he is a good guy to be around.

With a need to look perfect, he often makes mistakes and appears nervous and seemingly quiet than he normally is.

21. Guess who's yoursthe biggest fan?

23 signs that he has a secret crush on you - TryPair (6)

Girl… He's your biggest fan.

He likes how you look, how you handle things, how you smile, how you raise your hands to your head to brush a lock of hair...the list goes on.

He adores them all.It is his attraction that makes him imagine you as the most perfect girl in the world (even though you really are).

You can't see him complaining back or speaking a single negative word in your favor.

Can't you see that he already proposes it to you?

22. There is no other girl in your life.

There is no one in your life that you are dating or have had your eye on, andyou know this because he keeps reminding you of that fact.

Reluctant to express his feelings, he secretly hopes that you will make the first move. And if not, at least you won't commit to another man, since you will have him in the back of your mind.

It may be insecurity or uncertainty that prevents you from taking the first step.

But relax, if the guy wants you to know that he is single, he will definitely ask you out... very soon!

23. A little flirting won't hurt.

If the guy likes you, no matter how hard he tries to maintain the nice guy image,will flirt with you

However, he will make sure not to push your limits because he is too afraid of losing you.

Not-so-dirty texts, a few compliments, or late-night calls—he'll make sure you know his intentions.

Bonus: If you also have feelings for him and want to flirt back, here's something for you:How to flirt with a guy over text?


  • 23 Signs To Notice When He Has A Secret Crush On You
    • 1. You make him restless!
    • 2. Your opinion is important to him.
    • 3. He wants to pay for you.
    • 4. Staring at you is his favorite pastime.
    • 5. His name appears daily in your notification list.
    • 6. He touches you while talking.
    • 7. Girl…you make him smile.
  • 8. Jealousy is one thing.
    • 9. This boy respects you.
    • 10. Available to you 24/7.
    • 11. He tries really hard to look good
    • 12. Make plans for a meeting.
    • 13. You know their future plans.
    • 14. He talks about you with his friends
    • 15. I like it. Comments. stems
    • 16. Eye contact is intense (very intense!)
    • 17. He compliments you a lot.
    • 18. Try to impress you.
    • 19. Remember details? It is not a big problem.
    • 20. Act different in private.
    • 21. Guess who is your biggest fan?
    • 22. There is no other girl in your life.
    • 23. A little flirting won't hurt.
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