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    Postpubertal persistent hyperestrogenemia in McCune-Albright syndrome: unilateral ovariectomy improved fertility but revealed an unexpected borderline ovarian epithelial tumor

    Journal of Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology, svezak 28, broj 6, 2015., str. e169-e172

    McCune-Albright syndrome (MAS), due to a somatic mutationGNAS1gene, usually starts in girls with peripheral precocious puberty. Ovarian autonomy may persist into adulthood with acyclic hyperestrogenemia, infertility and a potential risk of estrogen-dependent cancers.

    A 22-year-old woman with MAS was referred for infertility with a left macropolycystic ovary, hyperestrogenemia and chronic anovulation who was unsuccessfully treated with controlled hyperstimulation. This was once confirmed by puncture of the ovarian cysts and cDNA analysisGNAS1the mutation was confined to the left ovary, a unilateral oophorectomy was performed. She improved the function of the right ovary, made pregnancy possible through in vitro fertilization, but discovered an unexpected borderline epithelial tumor of the ovary.

    Several breast cancers have already been reported in young patients with MAS, but no borderline ovarian epithelial tumours. In this context, we recommend the correction of persistent hyperestrogenemia in adults and the implementation of gynecological monitoring of the breasts, ovaries and endometrium.

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    Treatment and outcomes of vaginal bleeding and heavy menstrual bleeding in women of childbearing potential receiving direct oral therapy with factor Xa inhibitors: a case series

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    Observational data and the results of post-hoc analyzes in clinical trials suggest that direct oral factor Xa inhibitors may increase the intensity of menstrual bleeding in women of childbearing potential, but the magnitude of this effect is unknown. Our aim was to investigate the treatment and outcomes of complications of vaginal bleeding during direct oral factor Xa inhibitor therapy in a case series of women of reproductive age.

    To identify individuals for inclusion in this case series, we searched two sources of prospectively collected data from women of childbearing age treated with direct oral factor Xa inhibitors: the non-interventional Dresden NOAC Registry (NCT01588119), located in the administrative district of Dresden (Saxony, Germany), and all locally archived data from phase 3 direct oral factor Xa inhibitor studies conducted at the Carl Gustav Carus University Hospital Dresden. Vaginal bleeding was defined as all patient-reported complications of vaginal bleeding. We collected data on the type and dose of anticoagulants; suspected or confirmed bleeding, hospitalizations and death; and the pattern and treatment of vaginal bleeding. For all bleeding events identified, we reviewed all available source data to identify study findings suggestive of possible underlying anatomical causes of bleeding.

    We identified 178 women of reproductive age who received direct oral factor Xa inhibitor therapy, 57 of whom experienced vaginal bleeding, including 50 who received rivaroxaban, six who received apixaban, and one who received edoxaban. Those 57 women had 72 cases of vaginal bleeding, including 59 cases of heavy menstrual bleeding and 13 cases of bleeding unrelated to the menstrual cycle. 51 (86%) of these major menstrual bleeds (two major bleeds, 17 clinically relevant minor bleeds, 32 minor bleeds) were treated conservatively (e.g., change or reduction of oral hormone therapy, temporary cessation or discontinuation of a direct oral factor Xa inhibitor ), and the remaining eight (14%) cases (three major bleeds and five clinically relevant minor bleeds) required elective surgical or interventional treatment (hysterectomy, curettage, ovarian excision, or ovarian cyst excision). Of the 57 women, 13 (23%) had a second bleed and two (4%) had a third. Nine patients had underlying anatomical abnormalities; compared to patients without abnormalities, these patients had more intense bleeding, had more recurrent bleeding (five [56%] of nine patients with abnormalitiesregardingeight [17%] of 48 patients without abnormalities), and more required surgical treatment of bleeding (eight [89%] of nineregardingzero out of 48).

    Vaginal bleeding, particularly heavy menstrual bleeding, is a common complication in women of childbearing age undergoing direct oral therapy with factor Xa inhibitors. Most cases can be managed conservatively, but patients with severe or recurrent complications of vaginal bleeding should be evaluated for underlying anatomical abnormalities, which may require surgical or interventional treatment. Additional data are needed to advise on the prevention and treatment of vaginal bleeding complications in this patient population.


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    Structural, spectroscopic and molecular coupling studies of 2-amino-3-chloro-5-trifluoromethylpyridine: a potentially bioactive compound

    Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy, Volume 175, 2017, p. 51-60

    The most stable, optimized structure of the 2-amino-3-chloro-5-trifluoromethylpyridine (ACTP) molecule was predicted by density functional theory calculations using the B3LYP method with the cc-pVQZ basis set. The antitumor activity of the ACTP molecule was evaluated by molecular linkage analysis. Structural parameters and vibrational wavenumbers were calculated for the optimized molecular structure. Experimental and theoretical vibrational wavenumbers were assigned and compared. The ultraviolet-visible spectrum was experimentally simulated and confirmed. The molecular electrostatic potential surface is simulated. Frontier molecular orbitals and related molecular properties were calculated and further spectrum of density of states was simulated. Natural bond orbital analysis was also performed to confirm the biological activity of the ACTP molecule. Molecular coupling analysis reveals a better inhibitory nature of the ACTP molecule against colony stimulating factor 1 (CSF1) gene causing tenosynovial giant cell tumor. Thus, the ACTP molecule can act as a potential inhibitor against tenosynovial giant cell tumor.

  • Research article

    Outcomes of ovarian reserve and assisted reproduction after laparoscopic proximal tubal occlusion or salpingectomy in women with hydrosalpinx undergoing in vitro fertilization: a randomized controlled trial

    Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology, svezak 26, broj 6, 2019., str. 1070-1075

    To assess the outcome of assisted reproductive technology (ART) after proximal tubal occlusion (PTO) or salpingectomy in patients with hydrosalpinx undergoing in vitro fertilization - embryo transfer (IVF-ET).

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    Randomized controlled trial (Canadian Task Force I classification).

    All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India.

    A total of 165 patients were randomized and then assigned to the PTO group (n=83) or the salpingectomy group (n=82).

    PTO in salpingectomy.

    After surgery, the salpingectomy group, compared to the PTO group, showed a significant decrease in parameters of the serum ovarian reserve of anti-Müller hormone (AMH; 3.7 ng/ml vs. 2.6 ng/ml; p ˂ 0.001) and the number of antral follicles (AFC; 10.6 vs. 8.6; p ˂ 0.001). The salpingectomy group also required a significantly higher dose of gonadotropins (3901 vs. 3260; p ˂ 0.001) and more stimulation days (11.3 vs. 10.2; p ˂ 0.001) compared to the PTO group. The salpingectomy group had a significantly lower conception rate (0.74 vs. 0.83; p ˂ 0.001) and a lower number of stage 1 embryos (4.1 vs. 5.6; p = 0.02); however, there was no significant difference between the 2 groups in implantation rate (22.8% vs. 23.7%; p=0.87), clinical pregnancy (26.3% vs. 33.7%, p=0.25 ), live births (27.5% vs. 32.5%; p=0.42), and abortion (4.7% vs. 3.5%; p=0.90)

    PTO is superior to salpingectomy for the surgical treatment of hydrosalpinx patients undergoing IVF-ET in terms of ovarian reserve. However, the 2 surgical techniques are associated with similar pregnancy rates.

  • Research article

    Effects of neuropeptides and sex steroids on the pituitary-gonadal axis of prepubertal F1 wreck (hāpuku) Polyprion oxygeneios in vivo: evidence for inhibitory effects of androgens

    General and Comparative Endocrinology, Volume 257, 2018, p. 113-121

    The ability to promote puberty in a brood stock that has a long intergenerational interval and matures widely is a very valuable tool in the modern aquaculture enterprise. Young males and females destroy 'hāpuku'(Polyprion Oxygen Eios), candidates for commercialization in aquaculture, were treated for 8 weeks with two implants, one containing a steroid (blank; estradiol-17β, E2; 11-ketotestosterone, KT; 17 α-methyltestosterone, MT), the other a peptide (blank; gonadotropin-releasing hormone analog, GnRHa; kisspeptin, Kiss2-12). Target gene expression (glycoprotein hormone α subunit,GP; β-subunit of follicle-stimulating hormone,fshb; β subunit of luteinizing hormone,lb; GnRH-receptor,gnrhr) in the pituitary gland was tested by quantitative PCR. KT and MT decreased the mRNA levels of all target genes in male and female hāpuku, indicating a strong inhibitory tone of these steroid hormones. E2, GnRHa and Kiss2-12 were largely ineffective whether administered alone or in combination with steroid implants. Marked differences in release and/or clearance rates between E2 and KT from the implant were apparent, which partially explained our observations. Pubertal progression has not yet been reached and we believe that different hormone doses and/or administration during more advanced stages of gonadogenesis should be considered to advance this area.

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  • Research article

    Effects of Atorvastatin Treatment on Left Ventricular Diastolic Function in Patients on Peritoneal Dialysis — ALEVENT Clinical Trial

    Journal of Clinical Lipidology, Volume 11, Issue 3, 2017, p. 657-666

    Left ventricular diastolic dysfunction (LVDD) is common in patients on peritoneal dialysis (PD). Elevated levels of inflammatory biomarkers, such as highly sensitive C-reactive protein, predict the development of LVDD.

    We hypothesized that PD patients with elevated levels of highly sensitive C-reactive protein might benefit from statin treatment for LVDD and designed a randomized clinical trial to prove this hypothesis.

    We screened 213 PD patients and randomly assigned 32 men and women with low-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels <130 mg/dL, high-sensitivity C-reactive protein levels ≥1.5 mg/L, and LVDD, diagnosed by conventional and tissue Doppler (TDI) echocardiography, until treatment with atorvastatin, 40 mg daily or without. The primary endpoints were changes in diastolic TDI parameters or diastolic parameters of the global stress pattern.

    Atorvastatin reduced low-density lipoprotein cholesterol by 43% and high-sensitivity C-reactive protein by 45% (bothP<.001). Control TDI showed a significant improvement in early mitral flow rates divided by early diastolic peak mitral annular velocities at the medial and lateral sites (nominal change for E/Emedial: -5.01 ± 6.36 versus 1.80 ± 6.59 for atorvastatin or control,P=.02). There was also a significant improvement in the representation of general distress following atorvastatin treatment (general distress rate, -17.12 ± 1.42 vs. -14.61 ± 1.78 for atorvastatin and control,P=.002 I E/SRIVR, 462,35 ± 110,54 versus 634,09 ± 116,81,P=.003).

    In this study of PD patients without hyperlipidaemia but with elevated levels of highly sensitive C-reactive protein and LVDD, atorvastatin significantly improved cardiac diastolic function (ClinicalTrials.govnumber,NCT01503671).

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