33 Brilliant Beet Recipes You Never Thought Of (2023)

33 Brilliant Beet Recipes You Never Thought Of (1)

There's no better feeling than bringing in a bountiful harvest from the garden, but when you're faced with an abundance, it can be hard to know how to handle it.

Homemade products can be terribly perishable, and there's no point wasting your efforts wasting them.

Let's say you've noticed an overabundance of beets this season.

So it's time to think beyond cooking and baking and get a little more creative in the kitchen.

This article will share 33 of the best recipes that use beets as the star of the show.

Once you've tried a few of these suggestions, you might feel inspired to double your backyard in the coming year.

But first, let's explore why turnips are worth it.

Why grow turnips?

33 Brilliant Beet Recipes You Never Thought Of (2)

While not a showy crop, turnips are well worth mastering for the home gardener.

This hardy root vegetable tolerates low temperatures and thrives with a short growing season, making it one of the first crops to be harvested in spring and fall. Both the root and the greens are edible, and many beet varieties are sweet enough to be suitable for desserts.

But don't let their sweetness fool you, beets are packed with nutrients. A serving of beetroot contains just 44 calories, but it's packed with vitamin C, folic acid, potassium, folic acid, and other health-boosting nutrients.

The high fiber content of this root will help you manage your digestive health, and there is evidence that eating beets regularly can help your body use oxygen more efficiently, which in turn leads to morebetter athletic performance.If that's not enough, there's also evidence that the light pigments in beetroot can work.reduce the growth of cancer cells.

how to harvest turnips

33 Brilliant Beet Recipes You Never Thought Of (3)

Beetroot is ready to be harvested from the garden after 40-50 days after planting.

Small beets (beets harvested when they are smaller than a Ping-Pong ball) tend to be sweeter and more tender, but any size under three inches is fine.

Note that beets get more fibrous the longer you leave them in the ground, and they taste sweeter when harvested in late spring and fall.


If you are interested in greenery, harvest it when it is at least 15 cm tall. One idea is to plant the beet seeds thickly and then use the greens from the plants that you thin out as the season progresses.

33 Brilliant Beet Recipes You Never Thought Of (4)

How to store beets

Beetroot can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a week, but green vegetables should be used the same day they are picked to ensure they are as fresh as possible.

For a long-term storage solution, turnips might suffice.in a basementfor two to five months.

You must first remove the tops of the beets to half an inch above the root ball, then pack them in layers interspersed with wet sand, sawdust or peat moss in a plastic container with an airtight lid.

When buying turnips, it's best to buy those with the stalks and leaves still intact, as this is a sign of freshness. Look for firm beets with smooth, dry skin without dark spots.

how to cook beets

Turnips come in bright colors and can stain your hands and prepare the space when you work with them. That's why it's usually best to wear kitchen gloves and use plastic chopping boards.

First, you should scrub the beets with a vegetable brush and water to remove any stuck-on dirt, then peel them with a vegetable peeler.

Beet skins are healthy, but they tend to be chewy and bitter, so most recipes recommend removing them.

Once the beets are prepared, you are ready to use them. The following 33 Brilliant Uses for Beetroot should serve as inspiration to get you started.

33 brilliant beetroot recipes

1. Beet puree

For a low-carb substitute for your favorite mashed potato recipe, cook beets whole and mash with a potato masher before adding butter, olive oil and salt and pepper to taste.

2. Cured Fish

You can add a rosy hue to your smoked salmon with two medium-sized turnips. find the recipeHere.

3. Pickled beets

33 Brilliant Beet Recipes You Never Thought Of (5)

If you have never tried pickled beets, you will be delighted.

Pickling is one of the best ways to preserve beets for storage for several years, and you can customize the recipe to also include hard-boiled eggs. Be sure to process them in aboiling water canfor at least ten minutes if you don't eat them within a month.

Here it isA great recipe for pickled turnips.


4. Sandwich topper

Cooked beets, thinly sliced, are great for sandwiches, especially when paired with a tangy flavor like goat cheese or horseradish.

5. French fries

33 Brilliant Beet Recipes You Never Thought Of (6)

Calorie-free fries? Slice the beetroot into thin slices and roast in the oven until it gets a crunchy texture for a perfect snack.

6. Beet Roast in Salt

If you have a lot of salt on hand and want to bring out all the beetroot's distinctive flavors, consider roasting them with salt.

Simply arrange the beets in a casserole dish, covering them completely.sal kosher,and bake at 375 degrees for an hour before peeling and enjoying.

7. Beetroot and grapefruit salad

Looking for a tasty side dish to beat the summer heat? followthis recipeEnjoy roasted beets paired with alfalfa sprouts and ruby ​​red grapefruit.

8. Pizza with beets and goat cheese

One benefit of homemade pizza is experiencing flavors not typically found in takeout. Pair of sliced ​​beets with goat cheese andyeast crustfor a combination worth celebrating.

9. Spicy Beetroot Ice Cream

Its natural sweetness makes beetroot a perfect match for homemade ice cream andthis recipeElevate things with the addition of cayenne pepper and cinnamon.

10. Beet ketchup

Forget tomatoes, beet ketchup is a condiment worth celebrating.this recipeit creates a slightly more acidic sauce than traditional ketchup and is perfect as an accompaniment to sweet potato fries.

11. Magentarote Reis

33 Brilliant Beet Recipes You Never Thought Of (7)

Want to add a pop of color to your boring rice dishes? As a final step before serving, add grated beets to make them a bright pink. Try it with risotto!

12. Beetroot and tomato soup

Try this twist on a time-tested favorite by substituting half the tomatoes for the beets in your soup recipe for a lighter dish with a more complex flavor.

13. Beet Potato Latkes

Add some color (and fewer calories) to your potato chip cakes by replacing half of the grated potatoes with beets.

14. Beetroot Pudding with Chia

Chia seeds add great texture to homemade pudding without packing in the calories, and you get a subtly sweet flavor when you use beets as directed.this recipe.For another memorable combination of beets and chia seeds, try thesesmoothie recipe.

15. Beetroot hummus

33 Brilliant Beet Recipes You Never Thought Of (8)

Chickpeas aren't the only option for amazing homemade hummus. Embrace your pink side with himoutstanding alternative.

16. Pickled Eggs with Beet Devil

There's a reason hard-boiled eggs are often eaten first in potlucks - they're delicious! Enjoy this hot (pink) version of a classic favorite, using hard-boiled eggs that have been soaked in beetroot juice for an hour before preparation (recipe here).


17. Marinated beets with soy

Looking for a plant-based snack that can be served with Asian spices? Then, sauté the beets in soy sauce and vinegar for a hearty side dish that won't leave you craving the meat.learn how here.

18. Bowl of beets and berries

To forgetacai beer,You can enjoy abowl of berriesthis is so colorful with beets, cherries and raspberries.

19. Beet juice

33 Brilliant Beet Recipes You Never Thought Of (9)

One of the best ways to absorb the nutritional value of beetroot is with fresh beetroot juice.

If you have a juicer, the process is simple - just cut it into quarters and place it in the machine.

Otherwise, finely chop the beets, place in cheesecloth and squeeze the juice into a measuring cup. You can store it in the fridge for up to three days or freeze it in ice cube trays to add flavor to smoothies.

Bonus: Get even more nutrients by squeezing the beet greens too!

Try this: Simple Homemade Beet Kvass

20. Pickled Beetroot and Radish

Enjoy a crunchy condiment that goes great with scrambled eggs or fatty cuts of meat. Best of all, this recipe uses two of the garden's earliest plants. Find itMethod here.

21. Sautéed Beet Leaves

33 Brilliant Beet Recipes You Never Thought Of (10)

Think of beet greens as the bonus product you get when you grow them fresh or buy them and cook them on the stove like kale or cabbage. They can even be eaten raw in salads if you harvest them from beets.

22. Chocolate beetroot donuts

Turnips don't just dothese donutsmoist and delicious, but also add dazzling color to the frosting without having to resort to artificial coloring.

23. Grilled beets

Forget hamburgers, beetroot can stand out at your next cookout. Grilled beets crystallize their sugars, creating a smoky, earthy flavor. Peel, cut into slices and wrap the beets in aluminum foil after brushing them with oil, salt and pepper. You can cook them in the foil wrapper on a medium-high grill for 30 minutes or until tender.

24. Beet Ginger Cocktail

Are you looking for a way to relax after working in the garden? Ospicy gin cocktailpairs perfectly with ginger and beetroot juice for a delicious and refreshing drink.

25. Beet Gnocchi

Enjoy the balanced flavor and bright pink hue of thishomemade cookieson your next pasta dish!

26. Rubentatar

Channel the flavor of beef tartare by topping shaved cooked beets with capers, onions and other flavor-packed ingredients for afun vegetarian alternativeto the classic.

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27. Beetroot Frittata

Trying to use up a few extra eggs? You can also get rid of leftover beets at the same time by blending them into your favorite stir-fry recipe.

28. Beet Salad with Mozzarella

Mix your favorite cooked cereal with diced roasted beets, toasted almonds and fresh mozzarella for a protein-packed salad with a perfect blend of sweet and savory flavors.

29. Beetroot Brownies

No one but you will guess the secret ingredient.estes brownies paleo-friendly, and the beet puree you use to prepare them is so good you'll forgive eating it alone.

30. Rübensalsa

Once you've tried this homemade beetroot sauce, you'll never go back to traditional flavors in a jar. All you have to do is saute the beets until charred but soft on the inside, then shred them and toss them with salsa ingredients like garlic, cilantro, and pepper.this recipecan serve as a suggestion.

31. Beetroot Red Velvet Cake

If you love the coloring of this classic dessert but don't want to expose your family to artificial colorings, an easy fix is ​​to add some beetroot puree to the recipe. Healthy and beautiful!

32. Rübenchips

33 Brilliant Beet Recipes You Never Thought Of (11)

Cut the beets into thin slices and brush with oil and salt until crispy before roasting.this recipefor homemade beet chips it's so easy.

33. Veggie beet burger

Reserve the ground beef and enjoyDelicious black bean burgerswhich are also stuffed with quinoa and beets.

Bonus Beetroot Recipe: Beetroot Wine

33 Brilliant Beet Recipes You Never Thought Of (12)

That beet wineit is velvety soft and full. It competes with any high quality Pinot Noir.

Best beet varieties to grow at home

33 Brilliant Beet Recipes You Never Thought Of (13)

Feeling inspired to grow your own turnips for a plentiful supply next year?

Choosing the right strain is almost as important as committing to a recipe. Consider one of these proven types to get started.

Detroit Dunkelrot:You get perfectly round beets with firm, sweet roots.

bull blood:These early season beets form pink rings and have deep red leaves that are popular in salads.

Chioggia:Known for their beautiful concentric stripes, turnips from Chioggia add a touch of interest to any dish.

Early Wonder cano alto:Best grown in cool conditions, these beets produce even roots and large, flavorful leaves.

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gold touchstone:This smooth, golden yellow beet has an excellent germination capacity and retains its color when cooked.

golden detroit:Sweet but milder in flavor than most beets, this variety is known to win over picky eaters.

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