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While quoting is the foundation of the sales process, quoting is not at the top of the list of things most sales or business development professionals love to do.

Why? Quoting is time-consuming and can become stressful because so much is at stake. In fact only on average47% of sales offers end in a sale. Therefore, closing as many leads as possible is beneficial in terms of time (and money!) for your team. there is therapid growthThe bidding software industry can help by controlling costs and improving close/win rates.

Every organization must also deal with process automation. Many companies areAchieve more with fewer people and in less time, and automating quoting can be a "big rock" to potential savings and potential revenue generation. But as you explore your options, you should know that not all quote software is created equal. Let's look at some of the most popular options, including alternatives to PandaDoc.


PandaDoc is a document management platform that allows users to create and share documents online, including the ability to use electronic signatures to sign a contract. Like other options, PandaDocBid templates, and the ability to create contracts and offers that can be shared with current and potential customers for signature. PandaDoc also integrates with major payment providers to allow sellers to receive payments electronically.

When evaluating usability, PandaDoc's drag and drop capabilities allow users to start with a template and make changes as per their needs. Additionally, PandaDoc provides analytics that allow users to see when documents have been opened, viewed, and accepted. As PandaDoc is a hosted PDF platform, users can upload documents in various formats from Word to PDF.

Alternatives to PandaDoc

Despite PandaDoc's useful features, it does have drawbacks. For example, duplicating a document for reuse is labor intensive; H. If a user has spent time updating and customizing a template, they must repeat that process if they want to use the document again. When it comes to quoting, speed is often the name of the game, and PandaDoc's interface and features make it a challenge to quickly create branded materials. And once you've uploaded a document, you can't edit or update it.

PandaDoc isn't the only game in town, of course. Here, we look at some PandaDoc alternatives and what they have to offer. In alphabetical order they are:

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best suggestions

Better Proposals is designed to take the frustration out of writing proposals. It allows sales reps to create and manage quotes with a relatively simple process, using a combination of pre-built templates and the ability to easily customize the content.

Automatic notifications help users to keep track of your offers.

One major downside: the system can be a little counterintuitive to use at times; Users often complain about broken links that can interfere with their work. Furthermore, Better Proposals reviews are quite light and do not provide the buyer with the insights that salespeople need to customize their sales approach. You also cannot export any information from the report to perform further analysis. Better Proposals is great if you're a freelancer, but it might not be the right choice for growing sales teams.

proposal draft

Bidsketch is a tool used by freelancers, agencies and sales teams that allows users to quickly create professional bids. One of the most attractive aspects is the opt-in terms feature which allows you to upsell to potential customers and create your own offer.

Despite some nice elements, a big drawback of Bidsketch - especially for those who create numerous proposals - is the ability to track submitted proposals. Also, while Bidsketch offers analytics features like other tools, they are limited and don't allow for easy reporting.

The half

Nusii's positioning is modern and CSR-oriented. Some of the positive aspects of Nusii are donating 1% of its sales to next-generation carbon removal technologies, it doesn't use cookies, and it's fully GDPR compliant. From the user's point of view, Nusii also offers a simplified approach to quoting, which saves time. There is also an option to embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo in offers.

Another interesting feature – it is offered in 35 languages.

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Primarily designed for creative agencies and e-commerce companies, Nusii offers a good alternative to Word and Google Docs and offers the typical tracking, notification and signature features. But from a software offering standpoint, they're not a mainstream offering, and they don't quite reach the capabilities of some of the more popular options.


Proposable provides the complete basics for creating proposals: editing, tracking, and signing. Users create proposals through a variety of drag-and-drop content blocks and free proposal templates. Proposable is a fast, easy-to-use way for sales reps to prepare, process, close, and follow up on their deals with email and text messaging options to track the status of a proposal.

However, users have pointed out some downsides - it's not an easy tool to customize or learn. Furthermore, the contracts themselves may not deliver a "state of the art" user experience.


Proposify offers e-signature and quote management features. Features include custom templates, analytics, and the ability to collect payments. Proposify also offers several useful CRM integrations.

One of the benefits of Proposify is that it allows team members to collaborate and track each other's progress using "roles". This allows team members to be given specific tasks and held accountable for completing their part of the process.

However, like PandaDoc, Proposify also requires individual users to sign up for individual plans, which can be expensive depending on the size of your team. Another downside - users point out some challenges with text alignment, which requires a lot of "cleaning up" to make things look "perfect".


QuoteWerks is a simple tool with a simple user interface. However, this simplicity is reflected in its functionality, which is really at a very basic level. The output is also basic and some would say dated. For those looking for a simple and easy-to-use document creation tool, QuoteWerks might be for you.

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Designed more for larger organizations, Qvidian offers many of the same features as other quoting and document creation options, but offers what it calls a "clunky interface". Its database is the key feature that allows content to be stored and easily found and accessed by team members for future use. Qvidian also gives you the ability to add Word and Excel questionnaires that can provide you with useful information - from team members as well as clients and prospects.

However, with complexity comes confusion. Qvidian is likely to be more of a tool used by larger companies due to its many features - smaller companies may find the features difficult to understand and use.


qwilr is asingle player in the field of creating quotes. Qwilr's focus goes beyond "digital documents" and creates mobile responsive pages that offer potential customers a fully interactive website experience. Users can start with a clean slate or enjoy a variety of benefitsBid templatesto optimize the process of preparing an offer. Plus, customization and quote generation can be fully automated to reduce quote creation time and scale with sales teams of any size.

Qwilr's intuitive user experience and wide range of features allow flexibility and creativity to create proposals with maximum impact. Qwilr makes it easy for users to create polished, professional proposals - and equally easy for prospects and clients to access, read, understand and sign a proposal via email.interactive featuressuch as video, gifs,configurable prices, EROI calculatorand the mobile-friendly design meets the needs of today's busy – and increasingly mobile – decision makers.

Qwilr also goes beyond the basics when it comes to analytics, providing deep insight into how current and potential customers access and interact with offers. Want to focus your next sales pitch on what matters most to your prospect? With Qwilr's quote software, you can.

Which Quotation Software Is Right For You?

This is important when considering which bidding software best suits your needs.Consider user and analyst insightsabout the advantages and disadvantages of the various options.

The ability to efficiently and effectively create proposals to attract new business or generate more from existing customers is essential for any sales or business development professional, regardless of company size or industry. There is onelarge selection of best practice tipswhich also help the quotation process to obtain better results.

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Of course, much of the power of professional sales comes from building relationships and understanding customer needs. But when it's time to put pen to paper - or finger to keyboard - access to a tool that can streamline the process and help you create a professional proposal that's instantly submitted, reviewed, approved and sent can be signed, saving you time. . money and stress. Choosing the right tool is important. Join forces with companies like TikTok, Zendesk, Dropbox and more to use a quote software tool that can helpCreate stunning proposals in minutes.

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