I. What is bubble hash or also known as water hash

II. Filter bags and their concept

III. Dry material or fresh frozen

IV. Traditional Water Hash (French Cannoli and Dank Duchess Style)

Q. The North American Way to Make Bubble Hash

YOU. How to dry hash:

VII. How is it used and what are the effects?

(Video) How To Make Bubble Hash (Ice Water Cannabis Concentrate): Cannabasics #41

VIII. A few important tips

Interested in the famous Bubble Hash that Girls in Green loves so much? This is the perfect post to clear all doubts and remain a pro in this subject.

Last week we started talking more about a topic that interests our followers a lot:different types of hashish and how they are made. Because hashish is rich in trichomes and terpenes, it is the preferred form of consumption for many! Today we're going to talk about one of the crowd's favorites: bubble hash (aka ice, ice-o-lator, melt, water hash) and the different ways to make it.


Bubble hash has this cute name because it creates little bubbles when heated – which is also how you can judge its quality. It is made without the use of solvents, making your production process and consumption much safer. After all, as you already know, the focus should always be on harm reduction - not only in relation to the consumption of the substance, but also in its production.

Bubble hash is our favorite type of hash. We believe that besides being one of the safest extracts, it is a true expression of the quality of the plant - after all, good hash only comes out when the flowers, the washed substance is good! So kudos to those who grow plants, they are the real talents of the cannabis world - long live the grower. It's a different world when it comes to growing resin, not necessarily smoking dried flowers - there are countless other characteristics to consider, in California it's called: resin growers or resin farming.

With the advancement of technology and the establishment of regulated markets in some countries, such as the US and Canada, strategies have been developed to create this form of distribution. In our post, we will try to deal with easier and homemade ways to make bubble hash at home, but we will also say something about things that are happening in the world. ByFrench Cannoliwith its traditional hash and much of what we see in Brazil, to the famous white ice wax in California and Colorado to vape or give!

Would you like to know more about this fascinating universe of resin concentrates? We'll tell you!

What is bubble hash or also known as Water Hash


Bubble hash is the result of separating the trichomes from the buds (flowers) or pruning them using only ice, water and filter bags. This form is known as one of the most effective ways to preserve terpenes and extract sensational tasting hashish. Keep in mind that trichomes and cannabinoids are not water soluble, so they won't be damaged by mixing - so don't worry about roughness with the plant!

The idea of ​​using different micron filter bags is to be able to separate trichome heads of different sizes and also to separate this resin from the rest of the plant material. Cold water, ice and mixing, on the other hand, cause the heads of these trichomes (filled with oil) to have a harder and less sticky consistency, so they are easier to separate from the plant and remain loose in the hash water - therefore the whole process will be very cold - brrrrr!

There are several ways to do this process, either by machines (such as camping washing machines) or even by hand with a spoon or shovel (here in California we use a canoe paddle) and a bucket. If you don't have a specific machine that can be used specifically for this, it's best to use what you have at your disposal.

Are you a bit confused by so many variations in such a process? No problem. It is important to say that hash is an art - every artist, in the case of a hash maker, has their own cookie recipe that they hash in their preferred way. There are some common mistakes (such as not guaranteeing low temperatures during the process), but the cycle time, the type of strains, the bags they use, the methods of shaking, drying can vary enormously - and that's the charm of this universe .

So in this text we try to cover that process for you: from the roots all the way to nutella!

They're coming with us!

Filter bags and their concept

The several microns in the sieves that filter/sifter this hash allow the different sizes of trichome heads to be separated, as well as the "creamier" (less contaminated with plant matter) and "less creamier" (more contaminated) material.

The system filters the plant material in the highest microns, takes the middle pockets of cream and leaves the immature trichome heads and other impurities in the lower micron pockets.

They are usually separated by color - the largest microns are at the top and the smallest at the bottom. The 220u is the one that separates all the plant material from the rest, so it is often used separately, such as a bag in the machine or a bag that you use to shake the material into a bin. See an example in the video we made with Overgrow Shop:https://www.instagram.com/tv/Bu2H-NLFcR7/.

(Video) How Ice Water Hash Is Made


Here is some useful information about these bags found onICExtract bags

  • 40 micron bag (medium quality trichomes)
  • 70 micron bag (high quality trichomes)
  • 90 micron bag (usually the best quality trichomes)
  • 104 micron bag (high quality trichomes)
  • 120 micron bag (low quality trichomes)
  • 150 micron bag (often the waste is filtered)
  • 190 micron bag (often waste is filtered)
  • 220 micron bag (often the waste is filtered)

It is important to have at least 1 bag per layer, we recommend:

40 / 45h + 70h + 150h + 220h to hit – but yes, it is ideal to have a complete set.

Dry material or fresh frozen

The first step in deciding is how to prepare this material for washing. The options are:

  • Dry and dried buds/pruning: By using dry plant material it is possible to use what is left over from the harvest period. And yes, if you have a nice amount, release some buds, especially the well-known popcorn (small buds). This is the material most often chosen to make hash in the most traditional way. In Brazil it's a great option because of the high temperatures, it's easier to wash and collect in bags without sticking and losing trichomes along the way
  • Fresh frozen: this is the method with the plant still alive and fresh trichomes. The plant is harvested, the excess leaves are removed and immediately frozen. To wash, just take it out of the freezer when doing this process. Working with this material is more of a challenge in warm countries like Brazil, the heads are greasy and stick more to the bags. Here in California we use cold stores that reach 5°C to ensure the quality of the final product.

Traditional water hash (Francuski Cannoli i Dank Duchess stil)

For washing you need:

  • Plant material (buds, decorations)
  • Filter bags (in the style of Bubblebags, which can be found in Brazil atthis link)
  • 1 or 2 buckets (preferably 2)
  • Washing machine (optional)
  • Cold, clean water
  • A hose (if connected to cold water) or a hand pressure sprayer (it's super handy to put water with lots of ice in it!)
  • Collection surface (plate, bowl)
  • pergament papir

Root extraction is done with the same materials: a bucket/machine, a set of special filter bags, clean water, ice, a mixing tool and the material with trichomes. Remember that the ice and water must be extremely clean and the cannabis must be of good quality. The better the quality of the material, the better the result of the process.

About the bags: We use the 220 bag individually, in the machine or in the bucket we use for crushing hash. It makes cleaning a lot easier, so remember this tip from someone else to use it separately!

The first step is to put one of the bags in a bucket and add ice and the whole flowers or trimmings in scattered form. There should be enough ice to submerge the amount of cannabis. Wait 20 minutes to start mixing, during that time make sure the temperatures are low - this is the time for the trichome heads to harden so they can be easily removed by mixing.


As for mixing, both by machine and bucket,pay attention to the SOUND, it must be almost like the song of water with ice, not the sound of breaking ice. If you hear this very loud noise, stop and add some cold water, as you may be crushing the plant material and leaving pollutants in small particles.

In the first cycle, mix briefly and make sure there is little contamination. We recommend about 5 minutes. And remember: if you're doing it by hand, don't be afraid to shake it up!

After mixing, this water full of trichomes must be poured into filter bags. Leave them prepared and organized in the trash to be forwarded to make this collection easier. Pour in the water and wait for it to empty completely – if it takes too long, you can rock!

Collect the hash from these bags separately (as you can see in our IGTV video) – remove excess water! This helps to dry faster. Make sure you wash the bags well and don't leave any trichomes along the way. After taking the hash out of the bags, place it on parchment paper and write down what's what.

Repeat these cycles until you feel the hash is already green. We recommend 4 washes, first cycle 5 minutes, second cycle 6-8 minutes, third cycle 10 minutes and fourth cycle 15 minutes. This will help you lose as few trichomes as possible along the way!

We'll talk about drying at the end of the post, so hold on!

Final color: After drying, the effervescent hash usually takes on a golden yellow color. If it is very green, this could be a sign of excess plant material in the center of the trichomes, reducing the quality of the product.

The North American way to make Bubble Hash

The latest technological extraction style encompasses the same idea as the process, but makes greater use of technology and structure. Firstly the environment in which the process is carried out - usually cold rooms - helps to ensure the freshness of the extraction and does not allow the terpenes to evaporate in the middle of the process, after all terpenes are super volatile which is why so be careful when working with them .


How to dry hash:

How to air dry your hash:

There is a simple and practical way to dry hashish at home. But how long it will take can vary depending on the temperature and humidity. To go back to the previous step, immediately after the hash has been taken out of the bags, it must be taken to the freezer. Wait a few hours to make sure it's frozen, then take the hash out of the freezer and grate it onto parchment paper - ideally this sand has as much contact surface with air as possible so it dries faster.

This is the easiest part of this procedure, the rest is to control the humidity and temperature of the environment. It is ideal to have at least one dehumidifier to reduce humidity and an air conditioner to continue this cold process, which is the extraction of high-quality hashish.


Wait a few days and always check the consistency of your hash until you notice it is dry. It is important that it is dry before storing it in the jar to start the curing process.

(Video) The Pneumatic Hash Pump: The Future of Ice Water Hash Processing

Once the hash is dry, you can start pressing it to make it more like chocolate. Instructions can be found on the Hashweek we createdon our website.

Freeze dryer and how this mysterious machine works:

It is a very complex subject and that is why we decided to interview a very special person. Flynn Abeln, COO of Fullymelted, a legal solvent-free company in California.

A freeze dryer is a machine adopted from the food industry, usually used to freeze dry foods for long-term storage. The hash community saw it as a tool to dry resin in an easier way! This machine dries hash by sublimation, when the wet hash is placed in the freeze dryer, the machine creates a vacuum on the hash and controls the temperature rise and fall. This allows for sublimation and helps turn the water from a solid into a gas so it can be removed from the hash. This drying method also disinfects the hash, which is why it is so good for long-term food preservation.

If you are using a freeze dryer, it is important to know what settings you want the machine to run at. Sublimation takes place best when the hashish is exposed to as much open space and surface as possible on freeze drying containers. This means that when you take your hash out of the bags, you want to scoop it out in the shape of a pancake, with a lot more water than traditional patties that you would strain or microsieve and then air dry. There are three basic settings on a freeze dryer; freeze time, final dry time and rack temperature (we recommend reading the manual to learn how to adjust these settings and set the defaults to the desired levels).

When the freeze dryer runs a full cycle, it begins the freeze cycle, which is used to freeze the product and bring the chamber up to temperature. The machine then begins the main drying process, which can take anywhere from 10 to 16 hours, depending on the amount of water to be extracted. However, when this cycle begins, the system usually displays a 24-hour countdown. Once the system notices that it is not drawing much water from the material, it will enter the final drying cycle and run for a period of time. When looking at the settings for running a freeze dry cycle, the rack temperature is one of the things to look out for and check every time you start the system, the factory setting is 125F, too hot for hash, and the batch will definitely kill if not changed, so check out how to change the default temp to something around 45-50 so you don't have to remember it every time! The shelf temperature setting is the highest temperature the shelves will also warm up before turning off and the freezer allowing the product to cool down again. 45F to 50F is a good starting range for high quality fresh frozen material. Lower shelf temperatures may be best when drying a more unstable resin or oily resin quickly and easily where higher temperatures (50F-55F) can be used. However, keep in mind that lower temperatures will require a longer final drying time. Final drying time is a variable experience that will help the most. The last drying cycles are started when the machine detects that less water is being extracted from the product. A longer or shorter final drying time can be estimated based on two basic factors; the amount of hash in the freeze dryer and how naturally dry or greasy your resin is. A drier resin needs a slightly shorter final drying time and can be used at a higher temperature without sacrificing quality. More unstable resin may require longer drying times to fully dry the resin and lower storage temperatures to preserve the resin collar and prevent it from melting. Final drying times can always be adjusted to be longer after checking the resin, so the best strategy is to start low and work your way up. The freeze time is simply how long the machine stays at the lowest temperature before the vacuum and heating/cooling cycle kick in to dry the hash. Ideally, your hash should be completely frozen before starting this process to ensure more even drying of the hash. a pre-freeze drawer can help reduce this time, but without a pre-freeze two to three hours is usually enough to completely freeze even very full freeze dryers.


How is it used and what are the effects?

Bubble hash can be used in different ways: in a vaporizer, in a bong, in pipes and in the joint itself. It can be mixed with cannabis (don't forget to dose carefully due to the amount of THC) or with tobacco. Hash can also be mixed with butter to make edible cannabis, which is great for this pandemic season when smoking is discouraged.

The effect is the same as cannabis, but can be more intense due to its purity. Some of them can contain over 50% THC - and as we know, this substance, when used alone,can be a trigger for anxiety attacks.

A few important tips

  • Whichever method you choose, low temperatures are essential to maintain the quality of the hash and lose fewer trichomes along the way.
  • Pay attention to the filter order in the bags! For example, it can be disastrous to change the order from 150 hours to 45 hours.
  • Making it at home is not expensive, but you need to invest in quality materials to get the best results.
  • Use anything that has trichomes, discard large leaves that are full of water. They can be potential contaminates of your hash. Do this with the buds and flowers, and don't forget the leaves just below the flowers: they are full of trichomes too!
  • We've said it before, but it bears repeating: dose wisely when using it. Surely nobody wants a "bad trip" with such a delicious extraction?

Did you enjoy reading and learning more about this?

Follow the blog and our Instagram to learn even more about this universe we love!





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good info thanks!!

(Video) Making All Natural Bubble Hash for pain




Ice water hash, also known as bubble hash, is a cannabis concentrate consisting of fresh frozen trichomes that have been sifted through various screens. The trichomes are more easily detached when using the combination of ice water and fresh frozen cannabis flower.

How is ice water bubble hash made? ›

Bubble hash is a type of hash that's made using ice water. Mesh screens are added to a bucket, and cannabis flower, water, and ice are added on top of the screens. Using a dowel, you stir the icy cannabis flower soup. Because of how cold the water is, the trichomes freeze.

What is bubble hash and how is it made? ›

Bubble hash, named for the way it bubbles when smoked, refers to a specific type of hash made with ice water. To make bubble hash, cannabis flower is added to bags of ice water (called “bubble bags”) and agitated, which freezes and then breaks the resin glands from the flower.

What is ice hash? ›

Ice hash is a solventless concentrate made up of trichomes that are sifted through a series of screens in the presence of water and ice cubes. Ice hash is also known as bubble hash, ice wax, and water sift.

What is bubble hash and how is it used? ›

Bubble Hash is a solvent-free cannabis concentrate that bubbles when exposed to flame. This concentrated form of cannabis is relatively high in THC content, and comes in a variety of colors. Bubble Hash can be made with any cultivar at any THC level, and are created with ice water and mesh sieves.

What's the difference between ice water hash and bubble hash? ›

Ice, ice water hash, ice-o-lator or even bubble hash... all those different names mean the same thing: a delicious and fresh cannabis concentrate capable of holding all the plant's greatness. It is made without the use of solvents, which makes both production process and consumption much safer.

How potent is ice water hash? ›

Ice water hash is made by a mechanical separation process that captures a high amount of cannabinoids and terpenes, making for a potent and flavorful final product. Ice water hash is rated on a scale of six stars, with one star being the lowest grade product and six stars being the highest grade.

Can you smoke fresh bubble hash? ›

Yes, you can smoke bubble hash by itself. It doesn't burn like cannabis flower does, so it's best to dab it or use a hash pipe and heating wand. How do you light bubble hash?

Is bubble hash more potent than Kief? ›

In general, kief and hash have similar potency and effects. Kief ranges anywhere from 50-80% THC, and hash can contain up to 90% THC. This means that both will create strong psychoactive effects because of their potency.

Should I freeze my buds before making bubble hash? ›

The process and methods for drying are the same for bubble hash made with either fresh frozen or dried cannabis material. The best hash is arguably made from fresh frozen cannabis material. The excellent terpene preservation and lack of oxidation with the fresh frozen preparation is evident in the final product.

What is hash called at a dispensary? ›

Hashish made from live cannabis plant resin is called charas.

Does bubble hash get you high? ›

Smoking bubble hash may sound complicated, but it's not. Here are some ways to do it. There are several ways in which bubble hash can be smoked, some more complicated than others but all of them will give you a good high.

Is hash drug illegal? ›

The two main drugs made from the cannabis plant are marijuana and hashish. Hashish has much more of the chemical THC (which makes users feel good or happy) than marijuana. Hashish is an illegal drug in the United States, UK and many other countries.

Is water hash better than rosin? ›

While neither is superior to the other, each has its own merit. Bubble hash is more cost-effective to produce and offers a less intense psychoactive experience. Rosin is easier to extract in less time and can be made to emulate the effects and consistency of most popular solvent-based extracts.

What material is bubble hash? ›

Bubble hash is essentially isolated trichomes which have been collected from cannabis plants using cold water and ice, which are then filtered by micron size and dried for consumption.

How long to dry bubble hash before smoking? ›

Freeze dryers generally dry bubble hash in about 24 hours. Air drying bubble hash in a cold room or wine cooler can take anywhere from one to two weeks. How Can You Tell When Bubble Hash Is Dry? When bubble hash is thoroughly dried, it should feel crumbly and dry to the touch.

What is the strongest hash? ›

To the time of writing, SHA-256 is still the most secure hashing algorithm out there.

Can you press ice water hash? ›

Hash Rosin Tip #1: Pressure - Less is More

Whether you are pressing whole flower, dry sift, or ice water hash, too much pressure, especially too quickly, can ruin your extract.

Do you have to cure ice water hash? ›

Yes, bubble hash that's made with the ice water extraction method needs to be thoroughly dried before use. What is the best way to dry bubble hash? Freeze dryers are the most ideal way to dry bubble hash, however air drying can also give you great results.

What is the purest form of hash? ›

Rosin made from hash, or hash rosin, is considered by many to be one of the purest forms of cannabis concentrate.

What are the disadvantages of ice water hash? ›

Disadvantages of Ice Water Bubble Hash

Ice Water Bubble Hash needs time to dry after production. This can take as little as 24 hours if you're using a freeze drier, up to a couple weeks if you're letting it air dry. This extra processing time is a drawback.

Is ice water hash the best? ›

5-6 Stars: This is full-melt hash and is considered the best of the best. A five or six star rating means ice water hash is a true bubble hash, with tiny bubbles forming when it's heated up.

Should bubble hash be refrigerated? ›

Solventless extracts, like hash rosin, need to be kept cold, to be frozen, or refrigerated to preserve as many terpenes as possible. When rosin starts to deteriorate, its appearance will transform and significantly increase its aroma and taste.

What does good bubble hash look like? ›

The look and smell of your bubble hash is just as critical as it is to the flower itself. The look of your hash should turn from the more golden yellow color to a slightly darker hue with a slight transparency when left in moderate to warmer temperatures.

How much bubble hash should I get? ›

For fresh frozen cannabis, look for a 3-8% yield of bubble hash. What is bubble hash yield for dried cannabis material? For dried cannabis, 15-20% yield is a good target for bubble hash yield.

Is hash better than skunk? ›

Skunk commonly has higher levels of THC than hash (government reports suggest 15% in skunk and 5% in hash), but skunk often only contains traces of CBD, while hash tends to have roughly equivalent CBD and THC.

What micron bag makes the best bubble hash? ›

Since the material flows easier, we recommend a finer, 36-micron screen for bubble hash/kief if you're looking for super-quality product. A finer screen helps keep dusty particulate in the bag too. A 72-micron bag is an acceptable choice for kief and bubble hash too.

Is it better to make bubble hash wet or dry buds? ›

ve found that as a general rule (of course, there are always exceptions) dried flowers will hold up better and produce cleaner resin over multiple washes, while fresh-frozen material can degrade quickly, releasing chlorophyll as it defrosts during washing, and lending an unattractive green tinge to the resulting hash.

How cold does it need to be to make bubble hash? ›

>32°F (>0°C) to 34°F (1°C): This is considered the optimal temperature range for making bubble hash. At these temperatures, the trichome heads become brittle and easily separate from the plant material, leading to a higher-quality product with minimal plant contamination.

Where does the best hash come from? ›

Cultivation: Hashish is produced practically everywhere in and around Afghanistan. The best kinds of Hash originate from the Northern provinces between Hindu Kush and the Russian border (Balkh, Mazar-i-Sharif).

Is kief better than hash? ›

Unlike kief, hash is likely to be more potent the darker it is in color. Hash is not for the faint of heart – it generally contains a higher concentration of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids than kief and other cannabis products.

What is full melt hash? ›

Full melt refers to the quality of the hash in terms of cleanliness, ability to melt without leaving residue, and the richness of the cannabinoid and terpene profile the hash contains. In the industry, solventless hash is rated on a scale of one to six-stars, six being the highest quality.

What is bad about hash? ›

Understand the risks

Short-term effects of hashish include disrupted learning and memory, difficulty with thinking and problem solving, distorted perception (sights, sounds, time, touch), loss of motor coordination, increased heart rate, and anxiety.

Is hash oil a felony in the USA? ›

It is a common misconception that people think that if they have less than 20 grams of hash oil it is a misdemeanor, but this is wrong. It is always a felony.

Is hash oil legal anywhere in the US? ›

Is Hash Oil Legal? Manufacturing BHO is illegal under federal law and is a growing concern in states across the country. The reason for the concern is that the production process poses hazards that can result in severe burns and/or death.

What does 120u mean? ›

“So, when you're looking at something like 120u [up close], you're going to see things that are intact. Basically, a stalk and glandular head right up on top. Then, when you see a 90u or a 73u, you're mainly going to see heads. Heads that have been knocked off the stalks.

What is live ice water hash? ›

Live bubble hash is ice water hash made from fresh frozen cannabis buds (or trim, or even shake). The cannabis buds aren't dried or cured prior to extraction.

How much rosin does a pound of hash yield? ›

A pound of bubble hash will yield about 70% by weight because it's much more potent and flows better. That's 315 grams of rosin.

How does bubble hash make you feel? ›

Due to the lack of solvent present in the extraction process, the bubble hash provides users with a feeling leaving them more euphoric than normal strains tend to do. Not only that, but users also find that they have no hangover effect from the bubble hash as well.

Why is bubble hash good? ›

Bubble hash, is without a doubt, one of the purest forms of extraction among others. It may not have the strongest concentrate, but it's definitely one of the most potent forms of extract because of the variety of terpenes it contains.

What is the ice water method? ›

Cold Water Immersion (CWI) is a form of cold water therapy, which improves the natural recovery process of the human body. A well-known type of Cold Water Immersion, is taking ice baths or cold showers.

What is the difference between ice water hash and rosin? ›

The main difference between bubble hash and rosin is that rosin requires heat and pressure to create while bubble hash can be produced using just ice water and gravity.

Does ice water really work? ›

Benefits. Drinking cold water does have benefits. According to a 2012 study , drinking cold water during exercise can help keep your body from overheating and make your workout session more successful. This is probably because drinking cold water makes it easier for your body to maintain a lower core temperature.

What is the point of ice water? ›

Ordinarily, the freezing point of water and melting point is 0 °C or 32 °F.

What happens when you mix ice and water? ›

As water and ice have different temperatures, if we add them together then there will be an exchange of heat, due to which ice starts melting and water becomes cold. The heat required to melt the molecules of ice is provided by the molecules of water and this heat is the latent heat of fusion.

What is the best water for bubble hash? ›

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water

RO Water is the top choice among commercial producers of the finest full melt bubble hash. It's also very accessible to the home hash extractor, since an in-home Reverse Osmosis filter can easily be installed underneath the kitchen sink.

How do you make the best ice water? ›

Step 1: Freeze warm water in a cooler for 18 to 24 hours.

Then fill the cooler with 4 to 5 inches of warm tap water. Make sure the water is not hot! Place the cooler inside your freezer with the lid off. That's it!

Can I use tap water to make ice? ›

Clear ice is easily made using bottled water that had been purified using reverse osmosis or distillation, but you can make clear ice from tap water. To do this, boil the water to remove most of the dissolved air. Ideally you want to boil the water, let it cool, then reboil again.

Why is my ice water hash green? ›

A greenish-golden tint in bubble hash is a sign that plant contaminants are present. One cause of this contamination is agitating the cannabis material too aggressively or too long during the ice water extraction process. Not all plant contaminants will appear green, tho. It often will appear as a dark brown.

Can I use tap water for bubble hash? ›

Tip #2: Only Ultra Purified Water Will Do

If you do make bubble hash with tap water, you might end up with a mild but discernible chlorine taste in your product, as some users have encountered. Purified water can even be used as a guide for the whole process. In short, always use clean tools and products.

What is the best temp to press ice water hash? ›

In general, we recommend keeping your rosin press temperature below 220°F no matter what you are pressing, and often much lower when pressing high quality sift or ice water hash (140°F - 180°F is common for the highest quality sift or bubble hash).

How long does it take to dry ice water hash? ›

Freeze dryers generally dry bubble hash in about 24 hours. Air drying bubble hash in a cold room or wine cooler can take anywhere from one to two weeks.

What is full melt ice water hash? ›

Full melt is a term for high-grade dry sieve or water hash—it fully melts and doesn't leave a residue or char behind. Dry sieve and water hash are rated on a scale of one to six stars, indicating refinement and meltability. Full-melt hash is highly refined and usually rated at five or six stars.


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