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  • Test work licensemeans a license issued as a disciplinary measure to an agency previously fully licensed, but which does not meet licensing standards.

  • License Revocationmeans the revocation, non-renewal or suspension of, or the appointment of a trustee, supervisor, supervisor or similar officer with respect to a casino, gaming or gaming license issued by a gaming authority relating to a casino or gaming facility of the Borrower or any other of its affiliates.

  • To remindmeans that the regulator has withdrawn the registration of the company. A deregistered company must submit a new application if it wishes to re-register.

  • Expired license"license" or "registration" means a license, permit or registration that an individual has not renewed as required, or a license, permit or registration of an individual that has failed to meet the specified renewal obligations within the specified period. A person whose license, permit, or registration has expired is still privileged to hold a license or registration in Iowa, but may not practice dentistry, oral hygiene, or dental service until the license, permit, or registration is reinstated.

  • License grantedmeans any non-exclusive license to the patent rights of Borrower or its Affiliates, so long as all such Permitted Licenses are granted to third parties in the ordinary course of business, shall not result in a legal transfer of ownership of the Licensed Property, and be awarded in exchange for fair consideration.

  • patent licensemeans any written agreement, now or hereafter in force, granting to a third party any right to make, use or sell an invention for which a patent is now or hereafter owned by a grantor or for which a grantor otherwise has the right to license, exists or grant to grantor the right to make, use or sell a patented invention, now or hereafter owned by a third party, and all rights of a grantor under such agreement.

  • Exclusive licensemeans in relation to any drug or pharmaceutical product: any license granted to develop, commercialize, sell, market and promote such drug or pharmaceutical product for a term exceeding five (5 ) years (unless terminated before such time without penalty or penalty by Irish Holdco or the applicable Restricted Subsidiary) and grants the applicable licensee (and/or its designees) exclusive rights to market such drug or product within the United develop, commercialize, market, sell and promote States; provided that the "Exclusive License" does not include (a) a license to distribute such drug or product on an exclusive basis within any particular geographic region or territory, (b) a license, which may be exclusive, to to manufacture such drug or product, and (c) any license to manufacture, use, offer for sale or sell an authorized generic version of such drug or product.

  • Regular licensemeans a license to practice medicine or osteopathy anywhere in this state;

  • Extension requestmeans a document used to collect relevant data for license renewal

  • Trademark Licensemeans any written agreement, now or hereafter in effect, granting to a third party the right to use a trademark now or in the future owned by a Provider or to which a Provider is otherwise entitled to license, or grant any right to which the Grantor has any right to use any trademark now or hereafter owned by a third party, and any rights of any grantor under such agreement.

  • Limited Licenseis a material license or other agreement in which the Borrower is a licensee (a) that prohibits or otherwise restricts the Borrower from granting a security interest in the interest of the Borrower in such license or agreement or any other property, or (b ) for which default or termination could affect the right of the Bank to sell Collateral.

  • Encumbered licensemeans a license restricted in any way by the Board of Physical Therapy Licensing.

  • Work permitmeans a license issued by the Department to a medical marijuana dispensary, breeder, processor, testing lab, or carrier.

  • Sublicentiemeans: (a) any right granted, license granted or agreement entered into by Licensee with any other person or entity, under or in connection with or permitting any use or exploitation of any Patent Right or know-how or otherwise permitting of the development, production, marketing, distribution, use and/or sale of Licensed Products; (b) any option or other right granted by Licensee to any other person or entity to negotiate or receive the rights described in clause (a); or (c) a standstill or similar commitment by Licensee to any other person or entity not to transfer to any third party the rights described in clause (a) or (b); in any event, whether or not such grant of rights, license granted or agreement entered into is called or described as a sublicense.

  • End User Licensemeans any license terms imposed on customers and end users by a third party supplier. "Force Majeure Event" means the event or events:

  • Active licensemeans a license that is valid and has not expired.

  • Request rentmeans a written request or similar document used by a landlord to

  • Licensemeans any copyright license, patent license, trademark license or other license to any right or interest now owned or hereafter acquired by a Credit Party.

  • Named user licensemeans the metric and license level applicable to each named user.

  • Copyright licensemeans any written agreement, now or hereafter in effect, that grants any right to a third party under any copyright now or hereafter owned by a Provider or that such Provider otherwise has the right to license, or grant any rights of any Provider under any copyrights now or hereafter owned by a third party, and any rights of such Provider under any such agreement.

  • Patent License Agreementmeans the specific Patent License Agreement to which these Terms and Conditions are appended and incorporated by reference.

  • State licensemeans a license issued by the department authorizing a person to operate a marijuana dispensary.

  • Trade Secret Licensemeans any agreement, whether written or oral, that provides for the grant of any right in, to or under a Trade Secret by or to a Provider.

  • Drivers licensemeans a license issued by the state

  • Inactive licensemeans a license that has expired because it has not been renewed at the end of the grace period. The "inactive licenses" category may include licenses previously known as expired, inactive, overdue, closed, or revoked.

  • Copyleft licensemeans any license that requires, as a condition of use, modification and/or distribution of software covered by such license, that such software be subject to such license or other software contained in, derived from, used or distributed with such software. for such license (i) in the case of software, be available or distributed in non-binary form (for example, source code form), (ii) licensed for the purpose of making derivative works, (iii) in be licensed under terms that permit reverse engineering, reverse assembly, or disassembly of the Company's or any subsidiary of the Company's products or their parts or interfaces (except as required by law) or (iv) may be done without a license fee are redistributed. Copyleft licenses include the GNU General Public License, the GNU Lesser General Public License, the Mozilla Public License, the Shared Development and Distribution License, the Eclipse Public License, and all Creative Commons "sharealike" licenses.

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