Metformin alternatives: What can I take instead of metformin? (2023)

Metformin does not work for everyone.

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MetforminIt is an oral prescribed medicine used in the treatment ofDiabetes Mellitus Type 2.To beIn Biguuudi.Diabetes mellitusIt affects approximately 34 million people, a significant part of the American population.It is estimated that another 88 million havepre -diabetesIt is likely that diabetics have other conditions comorbid, such as highblood pressure, highcholesterol, yheart disease.

There are two types of diabetes,Type 1 and type 2.Type 2 diabeticsHave a variety of oral and injectable medications available to treat your hyperglycemia.Long control ofblood sugarIt is usually measured by a serum laboratory value known as A1C hemoglobin (HBA1C).

MetforminIt is a first -rate treatment forType 2 diabetesadministrationIt is a generally safe, effective and conscious choice of costs.Metforminto workdecrease Blood glucose levelsDecreaseglucoseliver production, decreasingglucoseabsorption in the gut and increasing the use ofglucosein skeletal muscle and adipose tissue.hypoglycemia, or dangerouslyLow blood sugar.

MetforminIt is also used in patients withPolycystic Ovarian SyndromeTo treat the associated conditioninsulin resistanceDefistantly, not everyone will be candidates formetforminTherapy.Patients with a history of a hypersensitive reaction tometforminor any biguanide cannot takemetforminPatients with severe renal deterioration should also avoidmetforminTherapy for some, gastrointestinalSide Effects of MetforminThey are more than they can deal with, and will have difficulty fulfillingmetformin🇧🇷While taking the extended release version ofmetforminYou can relieve some of the factors associated with Ig, it may not be sufficient for a patient to takemetforminregularly as prescribed.

What can I take instead ofmetformin?

Compare metformin alternatives

Drug nameUsosSecundary effectsDoseQuotes
MetforminTYPE 2 DIABETES TREATMENTDiarrhea, nausea, vomiting, flatulence500 mg - 1,000 mg up to twice a dayMetformin coupon
Precose (acarbose)TYPE 2 DIABETES TREATMENTAbdominal pain, diarrhea, flatulence25 mg - 100 mg three times a daySouza Price Coupon
Januvia (Sitagliptina)TYPE 2 DIABETES TREATMENTUpper respiratory infection, headache100 mg once a dayJanuvia Coupon
Tradjenta (Linagliptina)TYPE 2 DIABETES TREATMENTNasopharyngita, with leakage, the5 mg once a dayTraditional coupon
Onglyza (saxagliptina)TYPE 2 DIABETES TREATMENTUpper respiratory infection, urinary tract infection, headache2.5 mg - 5 mg once a dayCoupon onglyza
Victoza (Liraglutide)TYPE 2 DIABETES TREATMENTNausea, diarrhea, headache1.8 mg once a dayVICTOZA COUPOM
Ozempic (semaglutida)TYPE 2 DIABETES TREATMENTNausea, vomiting, diarrhea0.25 mg - 1 mg once a weekOzempic Coupon
Trulicidade (dramaglutida)TYPE 2 DIABETES TREATMENTNausea, vomiting, diarrhea0.75 mg - 4.5 mg once a weekTrunity Coupon
ByDureon Bcise (Exenatide)TYPE 2 DIABETES TREATMENTInjection nodule on site, nausea2 mg once a weekBYDORENO BCISE Coupon
Glutotrol CL (Glypysid)TYPE 2 DIABETES TREATMENTNausea, diarrhea, constipation5 mg - 20 mg once a dayGlucotrol coupon xl
Amaryl (Glimepiride)TYPE 2 DIABETES TREATMENTHeadache, flu syndrome, nausea1 mg - 2 mg once a dayCupona of the Amaryl
MICRONASE (GLYBURIDE)TYPE 2 DIABETES TREATMENTJaundice, skin reactions2.5 mg - 20 mg once a dayMicronasase Coupon
At (pioglitazons)TYPE 2 DIABETES TREATMENTUpper respiratory tract infection, headache, sinusitis15 mg - 45 mg once a dayCoupon acts

Other alternatives formetformin

  • Avandia (rosiglitazona)
  • NESINA (Aloglipt)
  • Japanese (albiglutide)
  • Jardianza(Empagliflozina)
  • Invokana (canagliflifinidad)
  • Farxiga (dapagliflozina)

Alpha-glucosidasaInhibitors: Early

Earlyit is aAlpha-glucosidasa inhibitorthat inhibits the conversion of sucrose to fructose andglucosein the small intestine.It also contributes to delay carbohydrates and digestion and absorption.Precose is really clinically effective if you consume a high diet in complex carbohydrates.It should be taken at the beginning of the food.50 mg and 100 mg of strength.

Dipeptidil peptidasa 4Inhibitors:Januvia, Tradition, ngolyza and not

Januvia, Commerce and Ngolyza belong to a class of medicines known as Depuperidil Peptidesase 4Inhibitors(DPP-4 inhibitors🇧🇷There is a hormone in the gastrointestinal tract known asGlucágón-The peptide 1 (GLP-1) This is responsible for increasing insulin release.It is standard, it is susceptible to a quick collapse, butDPP-4 inhibitorsslow down the degradation of LPG-1 in the intestine, allowing you to improveglucoseControl through the longest action of LPG-1.Low riskfromhypoglycemia.DPP-4 inhibitorsThey are oral tablets taken once a day and each one comes in a variety of strengths.

Glucágón-Wagonist-la-Similar Para (Taxas de Glp-1): Victoza, Ozmpic, Trulicity, Bydureon Bisze, Tanzeum

RA LPG-1 has been a significant development of treatment in the mission of finding the most effective treatment forType 2 diabetesThese drugs bind to GLP-1 receptors in the intestine to simulate the action of LPG-1 and induce the release of insulin based onglucosepresence.They are known to decrease the speed of gastric emptying and suppress appetite, as well as prevent post-by-back (after food)glucoseincrease.glp-1 ra also carries an indication to reduce cardiovascular events, such asmyocardial infarction, So,cardiac insufficiencyand pour.These medications are injectable and come in a variety of dose.VictozaIt is an injection once a day, while Ozepic, Trurity and Bydoreon BCise are injections once a week.Doses usually increase to a slow degree to stop the IGsecundary effectslike nausea and diarrhea.

Sulfonilureas: Glucotrol XL, Amaryl, Micronasa

SulfonilureasTake actionsType 2 diabetesstimulating the liberation of insulin from pancreas beta cells.SulfonilureasFor a prolonged period of time, the liver also begins to produce lessglucoseand there is greater activity in insulin receptors.The risk of severehypoglycemiaswindlerSulfonilureasIt is larger than many other treatment options available.Sulfonilureas, I likeGlucotrol xlAre the forms of oral tablets dosing available in various forces?

Tiazolidinediners: Acts, Avândia

Tiazolidinedinerssuch asActosand Avândia binds to receptors in adipose cells and promotes fatty cell maturation and fat tank in peripheral tissues.Insulin sensitivityIncreases by reducing circulating fat complexes.weight gainand the increase in peripheral fat mass is aside effectof thiazolidines.Tiazolidines are oral medicines that occur once or twice a day and are available at various strengths.

Natural alternatives tometformin

All treatment plans forWatch out for diabetesshould include diet andLifestyle Changes.oAmerican Diabetes AssociationRecommends -chave actions to improve control of your diabetes.comnce with a modestweight loss5% target and continue from there.Ellija foods with more unsaturated fats such as fish and olive oil.DecreaseIngestion of saturated fats such as beef and butter.Decreased carbohydrate intake is important to help gain glycemic control.Exercise is an essential component for lifestyle modifications andweight lossI even modestweight losscan transmit significant changes inBlood glucose levels.

There are naturalsupplementswho make statements that help withBlood sugar levels🇧🇷Products like Berberina, Glucocil and Cinsulina make these statements.supplementsThey are not studied and approved for food andDrug administration(FDA).SupplementsDoes not require the strict supervision of evidence and manufacture of this revenue andon the counterMedicines suffer from using thesesupplementsPlease discuss them with yourHealth professionalslike youprimary attentionDoctor The Pharmaceutical.

How to change to ametforminalternative

If you feel itmetforminIt is not the correct therapeutic option for your diabetes, start talking to your doctor.MetforminIt is a front line therapy because it is highly effective and profitable.Don't stop takingmetforminUntil you arriveMedical advicefrom youto prescribeAbrupt interruption ofmetforminIt could lead to hyperglycemia.The only reason to stop taking abruptlymetforminIt would be if you had an allergic reaction.

There are some reasons why an alternative tometforminshould be considered.This includes gi in progresssecundary effectsykidney disease.Of it must ensure that your laboratories are updated so that your doctor can monitor your renal function.If you make the decision to change, your doctor will review your options based on your physical discoveries.Things to consider will be whether you are willing or not or not injecting your medicine, potentialCommon side effectsof other treatments and the current state of your glycemic control.New medications will probably require title and dose adjustment for a period of time.Take into account that you can take some time to find the appropriate therapy plan for you.


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