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You only need two simple letters to accurately convey the big shift in the tech space this year:And I. But behind those letters lies the complex, evolving and exciting way we work, communicate and collaborate. As you will see, artificial intelligence is a common thread in Microsoft Build,our annual developer showpiece.

This has already been an important year for the industry, which began in January with the announcement of the expansion of our partnership with OpenAI to accelerate AI discoveries and ensure these benefits are widely shared with the world. And in February, Microsoft announced an all-new AI-powered Bing search engine and Edge browser to transform the world's largest software category - search.

Since then, development has accelerated at a rapid pace, with several major milestones along the way, including:

  • Greater availabilityAzure OpenAI-servicewith additional support for ChatGPT and OpenAI's revolutionary GPT-4 model.
  • Kopilotifor a wide range of users, including Dynamics 365 Copilot, Microsoft 365 Copilot, and Copilot for Power Platform.
  • An extension of the new AI-powered Bingto the system tray of Windows 11, mobile phone and Skype; Bing Image Creator for Chat; and full open platform review, no waiting list required.

This is just the beginning of a new era of artificial intelligence. BecauseBuild Microsoftis so important. At this event, we'll show how AI is redefining what and how developers build, and how AI is changing the future of work.

Before we get to the news, let's talk about two concepts we cover in depth during Microsoft Build:co-pilotiaccessories.

Kopilot is an application that uses modern artificial intelligence and large-scale language models (LLM) such as GPT-4 to help people with complex tasks. Microsoft first introduced the concept of copilot almost two years ago with GitHub Copilot, a pair of AI developers that help developers write code, and we continue to release copilots in many of the company's core businesses.

We believe that copilot represents both a new paradigm in software powered by artificial intelligence and a profound change in how software is made - from envisioning new product scenarios to user experience, architecture, services used and ways of thinking about security and insurance .

Plugins are tools first introduced for ChatGPT, and more recently for Bing, that extend the capabilities of AI systems, allowing them to interact with application programming interfaces (APIs) of other software and services to provide real-time information. including business and other business data, perform new types of calculations, and securely take actions on behalf of users. Think of plug-ins as the link between the copilot and the rest of the digital world.

That said, let's focus on the news and announcements we discover during Microsoft Build.

Develop an ecosystem of AI plugins

It's Microsoftto announcethat we will use the same open plugin standard that OpenAI introduced for ChatGPT, enabling interoperability between ChatGPT and the breadth of Microsoft's copilot offerings.

(Video) Microsoft Build 2023 Keynote Day 2 - Shaping the Future of Work With AI

Developers can use nowAna platform for building add-ons that work across consumer and business platforms, including ChatGPT, Bing, Dynamics 365 Copilot, and Microsoft 365 Copilot.

And if you want to develop and use your own plugins with your AI application built on the Azure OpenAI service, it will be interoperable with the same plugin standard by default. This means developers can build experiences that let people interact with their applications using the most natural user interface: human language.

As part of this common plugin platform,Bing adds its plugin support. In addition to the previously announced additions to OpenTable and Wolfram Alpha, we also have Expedia, Instacart, Kayak, Klarna, Redfin and Zillow in the Bing ecosystem, among others.

Along with the usual plugin platform, Microsoft is announcing that Bing is coming to ChatGPT as the default search experience. ChatGPT now has a world-class built-in search engine to provide more up-to-date answers with web access. Now answers are based on search and web data and include quotes so users can learn more, all from the chat. The new experience starts today for ChatGPT Plus subscribers and will soon be available to free users by simply enabling the plugin.

Developers can now extend Microsoft 365 Copilot with add-ons

We are tooto announcethat developers can now integrate their apps and services into Microsoft 365 Copilot with add-ons.

Add-ons for Microsoft 365 Copilot include ChatGPT and Bing add-ons, as well as Teams messaging extensions and Power Platform connectors, enabling developers to leverage their existing investments. And developers can easily create new add-ons for Microsoft 365 Copilot with the Microsoft Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio. Developers can also extend Microsoft 365 Copilot by feeding their data into the Microsoft Graph, contextualizing relevant and actionable information with recently announcedSemantic index for copilot.

More than 50 partner add-ons will be available to customers as part of the early access program, including Atlassian, Adobe, ServiceNow, Thomson Reuters, Moveworks, and Mural, with thousands more available through Microsoft 365 Copilot General Availability.

A new Azure AI tool to help developers build, operationalize, and deploy their own next-generation AI applications

It starts with our newAzure AI-studio. we aremake it simpleto integrate external data sources into the Azure OpenAI service. In addition, we are happy to present youQuery flow for Azure Machine Learningto make it easier for developers to build queries while taking advantage of popular open source query orchestration solutions such as the Semantic Kernel.

UAzure OpenAI-service, which brings together advanced models including ChatGPT and GPT-4 with the business capabilities of Azure, we announceadditionsenabling developers to deploy advanced AI models using their own data; Provisioned throughput SKU that offers dedicated capacity; and plugins that simplify the integration of other external data sources into the user's use of the Azure OpenAI service. We now have over 4500 customers using the Azure OpenAI service.

(Video) Getting started with generative AI using Azure OpenAI Service | BRK214H

Together we build responsibly

At Microsoft, we are committed to developing AI technology that has a positive impact and deserves trust, while also sharing our insights and creating new tools and innovations that help developers and companies implement responsible AI practices in their own work and organizations. to implement. We are rolling out several new updates in Build, includingAzure AI content protection,nova Azure AI-servicehelping businesses create safer online environments and communities. As part of Microsoft's commitment to building responsible AI systems, Azure AI Content Safety will be integrated into Microsoft products, including Azure OpenAI Service and Azure Machine Learning.

We are also introducing new tools for Azure Machine Learning, including extensibilityResponsive AI dashboard support for text and image data,at a glance, enabling users to evaluate large models built with unstructured data during the model building, training and/or evaluation phases. This helps users identify model errors, fairness issues, and model statements before deploying the models, for more efficient and fair computer vision and natural language processing (NLP) models. ANDfast current, soon in preview, provides a simplified experience for inducing, evaluating, and tuning large language models. Users can quickly create fast workflows that connect to different language models and data sources, and assess the quality of their workflowsmeasurements such as groundingto choose the best query for your use case.Prompt Flow also integrates Azure AI Content Safety to help users detect and remove malicious content directly in their workflow.

In addition, Microsoft has announcedemergence of new mediacoming to Microsoft Designer and Bing Image Creator in the coming months that will allow users to verify if an image or video has been generated by AI. The technology uses cryptographic methods to tag and sign AI-generated content with metadata about its origin.

Introduction Microsoft Fabric, the new unified platform for analytics

Today's world is inundated with data constantly flowing from the devices we use, the applications we build and the interactions we have. And as we enter a new era defined by AI, that data becomes even more important. Org-specific empowering AI experiences require a constant supply of clean data from a well-managed and highly integrated analytics system. But most organizations' analytics systems are a maze of specialized and unrelated services.

Microsoft Fabricis a unified analytics platform that spans data engineering, data integration, data warehousing, data science, real-time analytics, applied observability, and business intelligence, all connected to a single data repository called OneLake.

It allows users of all technical levels to experience its capabilities in one unique experience. It is infused with Azure OpenAI service at every layer to help users unleash the full potential of their data, empowering developers to harness the power of generative artificial intelligence to find insights in their data.

SCopilot of Microsoft Fabricin any data experience, users can use a conversational language to create data flows and data pipelines, generate code and full functions, build machine learning models, or visualize results. Customers can even create their own language experiences that combine Azure OpenAI service models and their data and publish them as plugins.

Accelerating an AI-powered future through partners

Our customers benefit from our partner collaborations, such as NVIDIA, that enable organizations to design, develop, deploy, and manage applications with the scale and security of Azure. NVIDIA will accelerate enterprise-ready generative AI with the integration of NVIDIA AI Enterprise with Azure Machine Learning. Omniverse Cloud, available only on Azure, enables organizations to assemble data into massive, powerful models, connect their domain-specific software tools, and enable live collaboration across multiple users across factory sites. NVIDIA GPUs using the ONNX Runtime & Olive toolchain support the implementation of AI acceleration models without the need for deep hardware knowledge.

(Video) Qualcomm Technologies and the power of Windows AI Q&A | DIS282H

New features for Microsoft Dev Box

Microsoft Dev Box, an Azure service that gives developers access to ready-to-use project-specific development frameworks that are preconfigured and centrally managed,by introducing some new featuresto improve the developer experience and increase productivity. During the preview, we saw many customers experiment with Dev Box and internally migrated over 9,000 developers to the service for day-to-day software development.

We have now added additional features and capabilities, includingcustomization using configuration as codei newimages of novice developersin the Azure Marketplace that provide development teams with ready-made images that can be further customized to meet the specific needs of the development team. In addition, developers can now manage custom environments froma specialized developer portal, Azure Deployment Environments. General availability of the Dev Box will begin in July.

Discover a new home for developers on Windows 11 with Dev Home

Developer houseit launches on Microsoft Build in Preview as a new Windows experience for developers to get from the Microsoft Store.

Dev Home makes it easy to connect to GitHub and configure cloud development environments such as Microsoft Dev Box and GitHub Codespaces. Dev Home is open source and fully extensible, empowering developers to enhance their experience with the customizable dashboard and tools they need to succeed.

Meet Windows Copilot for Windows 11

Last fall, product director Panos Panay spoke at our Windows and Surface launch about the power of artificial intelligence to unlock new interaction models on the PC using Windows Studio Effects and DALL-E 2 in Microsoft Designer, and at CES he talked about how AI will reinvent how humans do things on Windows.

This brings us toWindows copilot.

Windows will be the first PC platform to centralize AI support in its rolloutWindows copilot. Together with Bing Chat and 1st and 3rd party plugins, users can focus on bringing their ideas to life, completing complex projects, and collaborating instead of expending energy finding, launching, and working on multiple apps.

This builds on the integration we announced in Windows 11 in February, which brought a new AI-powered Bing to the taskbar.

(Video) REPLAY Microsoft Fabric Discussion - May 2023 Social Hour

A preview of Windows Copilot will be available for Windows 11 starting in June.

As you can see, Microsoft Build is getting busy. To give you an idea of ​​what developers will experiencean event, we expect approximately 200,000 registered participants, with 350 sessions and over 125 hours of content over two days. In total, we will announce more than 50 new products and features.

For more information, view the Microsoft Chairman and CEO Introductory Lectures on DemandSatya Nadella,Kevin ScottiScott Guthrieon the 1st day. On Day 2, check out the opening remarks he anchoredRajesh Jha and Panos Panay. You can also view all news and announcements inNews bookand read more stories and news about Microsoft Build products here:


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Which Azure tool can help you build artificial intelligence AI applications answer? ›

Azure Kubernetes Service Edge Essentials is an on-premises Kubernetes implementation of Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) that automates running containerized applications at scale.

What is Microsoft build 2023? ›

Microsoft Build 2023 focused heavily on artificial intelligence and its integration across Microsoft's products and services. Microsoft introduced its AI personal assistant, Copilot, to Windows 11.

What are three Microsoft guiding principles for responsible AI? ›

Microsoft AI guiding principles

At Microsoft, we've recognized six principles that we believe should guide AI development and use: fairness, reliability and safety, privacy and security, inclusiveness, transparency, and accountability.

What does Microsoft use AI for? ›

Microsoft is using AI to claim an edge in search, video chat and other common productivity tasks.

Does Microsoft Build cost money? ›

What's the cost to attend? Digital attendance at Microsoft Build is free and at no cost. The Seattle in-person attendee registration fee is $1,525 USD. In-person attendees can choose to add a Pre-day workshop to their registration for an additional fee of $225 USD.

Is Microsoft building a metaverse? ›

Microsoft intends Metaverse apps to be used in business, education, training and entertainment. These real-world requirements can be upgraded and reinvented using avatars, AR and VR.

What is the difference between VS build and MSBuild? ›

Visual Studio determines the build order and calls into MSBuild separately (as needed), all completely under Visual Studio's control. Another difference arises when MSBuild is invoked with a solution file, MSBuild parses the solution file, creates a standard XML input file, evaluates it, and executes it as a project.

What are the 4 key principles of AI development? ›

This article provides a a breakdown of four of the eight principles: bias evaluation, explainability, human augmentation, and reproducibility. In a sense, AI models carry inherent biases as they are designed to discriminate towards the relevant answers.

What are the 4 key principles of AI? ›

The team at the Institute for Ethical AI and ML has assembled eight principles that can be used to guide teams to ensure that they are using AI responsibly. I'd like to run through four — human augmentation, bias evaluation, explainability, and reproducibility.

What are the six principles of Microsoft responsible AI? ›

Microsoft outlines six key principles for responsible AI: accountability, inclusiveness, reliability and safety, fairness, transparency, and privacy and security.

What will replace Microsoft Stream? ›

Microsoft Stream (Classic) will be retired February 15, 2024 and replaced by Stream (on SharePoint). It is recommended to start using Stream (on SharePoint) by uploading videos to SharePoint, Teams, Yammer, or OneDrive.

What is the Microsoft build event? ›

Microsoft Build is an event designed for developers – showcasing tools and services that developers can use now and with an eye toward the future.

What are the changes to Microsoft 365 2023? ›

Changes to cloud storage

Starting February 1, 2023, cloud storage used across Microsoft 365 apps and services will include attachments data and OneDrive data. All data will continue to be protected with Microsoft's comprehensive set of security features.

What is the smartest AI in 2023? ›

The best overall AI chatbot is the new Bing due to its exceptional performance, versatility, and free availability. It uses OpenAI's cutting-edge GPT-4 language model, making it highly proficient in various language tasks, including writing, summarization, translation, and conversation.

What is the most advanced AI program? ›

GPT-3 was released in 2020 and is the largest and most powerful AI model to date. It has 175 billion parameters, which is more than ten times larger than its predecessor, GPT-2.

Does Microsoft have an AI tool? ›

This page provides you with useful background on Microsoft AI, our approach, our newest tools and features, the latest news and more.

What is the Microsoft version of AI? ›

Microsoft said the new A.I. features, dubbed Copilot, will be available in some of the company's most popular business apps like Word, PowerPoint and Excel. In February, Microsoft debuted a new version of its Bing search engine that included a chatbot powered by OpenAI's GPT-4 language technology.

How many people attend Microsoft build? ›

Microsoft has decided to continue Build as a virtual event, although this year, the event will also return as an in-person gala, expected to host approximately 5,000 people. The hybrid event is free for those attending virtually and will cost $1,525 if you decide to attend personally.

How much does Microsoft take from developers? ›

Microsoft has recently announced that the company has updated its Microsoft Store revenue sharing agreement. Microsoft will now give app developers 95% of app revenues, while Microsoft will only take 5%, but only on a certain condition.

How much does Microsoft developer program cost? ›

How much does a developer account cost? Individual accounts cost approximately $19 USD, and company accounts cost approximately $99 USD (the exact amounts may vary depending on your country or region). This is a one-time registration fee and no renewal is required.

Who are building the metaverse now? ›

Roblox Corporation

Some of Roblox's games are virtual worlds that allow people to interact and socialize. Roblox Corporation is also working to build a metaverse where people can make avatars, games, purchase items, socialize, and use a real voice chat function.

How many companies are building the metaverse? ›

Currently, over 160+ Metaverse companies are working to harness the full potential of the Metaverse. Since the Metaverse is an emerging technology, there are numerous opportunities available for companies to contribute to enhancing the virtual world.

Who owns metaverse? ›

In the case of the Facebook Metaverse, it is owned by the company founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. Decentraland was created by Ari Meilich and Esteban Ordano for a company called Metaverse Holdings Ltd., which and a number of investors own the rights to the digital universe.

What is Microsoft build tools? ›

MSBuild is a build tool that helps automate the process of creating a software product, including compiling the source code, packaging, testing, deployment and creating documentations.

Is Microsoft build virtual? ›

This year's Microsoft Build offers a full program, both online and in-person, to suit every attendee, whether you're a professional developer, data pro, or a brand-new coder.

Does Visual Studio come with build tools? ›

You can build C and C++ applications on the command line by using tools that are included in Visual Studio. The Microsoft C++ (MSVC) compiler toolset is also downloadable as a standalone package. You don't need to install the Visual Studio IDE if you don't plan to use it.

What are the 5 stages of AI project? ›

It mainly has 5 ordered stages which distribute the entire development in specific and clear steps: These are Problem Scoping, Data Acquisition, Data Exploration, Modelling and Evaluation.

What are the five components of AI problem? ›

As such, the five basic components of artificial intelligence include learning, reasoning, problem-solving, perception, and language understanding.

What are the 5 ethical principles of AI? ›

These principles encompass five areas and guide DoD AI capabilities to be responsible, equitable, traceable, reliable, and governable. The principles are intended to prompt and promote continual engagement of AI ethics as a process distributed throughout the entire AI lifecycle both interactively and iteratively.

Which statement is an example of a Microsoft responsible AI principles? ›

This is an example of which Microsoft guiding principle for responsible AI? Inclusiveness: At Microsoft, we firmly believe everyone should benefit from intelligent technology, meaning it must incorporate and address a broad range of human needs and experiences.

Is Microsoft free anymore? ›

You can use Microsoft Office apps for free. Microsoft 365 is the most recent version of the Microsoft Office set of tools, and it includes programs you already use at home, school or work.

Is there anything better than Microsoft? ›

Google Workspace comes out on top as it has every piece of software you need to run a business, including email, word processing, virtual meeting and chat software, as well as alternatives to Powerpoint, and Excel.

Is Microsoft Project being replaced? ›

Because of it, Microsoft Project has been replaced with cloud-based project management tools that, in addition to project management, offer collaboration features such as an in-app chat, mentions, comments, approval and proofing workflows.

Is Microsoft build in person? ›

Microsoft will hold Build virtually and in person at the Seattle conference center, where developers, students, engineers, and technology professionals will attend to hear the latest announcements on Windows, Microsoft's productivity apps, Azure cloud services, and more.

What is Microsoft build cloud skills challenge? ›

The Microsoft Learn Cloud Skills Challenge

Build apps for web, mobile, desktop, and more using .NET and C#. Power your apps with large-scale AI models. Learn and develop generative AI models with deep understandings of language and code using the newest technology for a variety of use cases.

How do Microsoft build numbers work? ›

Windows 10 version number is in the year and half of the year (H1 or H2). For example, the Windows 10 version released in April (4th Month) 2020 is Windows 10 20H1. The first two (2) digits of the Windows 10 version are taken from the release year. In the above example (Windows 10 21H2), that is 2021.

Will Office 365 expire? ›

Yes, Office 365 does expire if you don't renew your subscription. If you don't renew your subscription, you will lose access to all the Office apps and services that are included in your subscription.

Will Microsoft 365 expire? ›

Check your expiration status

Go to your Services & subscriptions page. If prompted, choose Sign in and enter the Microsoft account email and password associated with your Microsoft 365 subscription. Review the details under the Services & Subscriptions heading.

Will Microsoft Office be rebranded as Microsoft 365? ›

When will these changes happen? Changes will begin rolling out for in November 2022. And then changes will begin rolling out for the Office app on Windows and the Office mobile app in January 2023.

Which of the following is Azure artificial intelligence service? ›

Microsoft Azure AI is a robust framework for developing AI solutions in conversational AI, machine learning, data sciences, robotics, IoT, and more. Microsoft enables you to leverage data wherever it is.

What is the name of the Azure artificial intelligence service? ›

Azure Databricks is a cloud-based platform that provides a collaborative environment for building, training and deploying machine learning models. Azure Databricks provides pre-built algorithms, visualizations, and other tools that make it easy for developers to build their models.

What is Azure AI Builder? ›

AI Builder is a Microsoft Power Platform capability that provides AI models that are designed to optimize your business processes. AI Builder enables your business to use intelligence to automate processes and glean insights from your data in Power Apps and Power Automate.

Which part of Azure is artificial intelligence service? ›

These services include: Azure cognitive services, including a variety services related to language and language processing (speech recognition, speech formation, translations), text recognition, and image and character recognition. The services can be used, for example, in various bot-based solutions.

What role does Azure machine learning service play in artificial intelligence? ›

Azure Machine Learning empowers data scientists and developers to build, deploy, and manage high-quality models faster and with confidence. It accelerates time to value with industry-leading machine learning operations (MLOps), open-source interoperability, and integrated tools.

What is the difference between Azure cognitive services and applied AI services? ›

What is the difference between Applied AI Services and Cognitive Services? Both Applied AI Services and Cognitive Services are designed to help developers create intelligent apps. Cognitive Services provides general purpose AI services that serve as the core engine for Applied AI Services.

Why is Python commonly used for in artificial intelligence AI environments? ›

Python is the major code language for AI and ML. It surpasses Java in popularity and has many advantages, such as a great library ecosystem, Good visualization options, A low entry barrier, Community support, Flexibility, Readability, and Platform independence.

Which of these tools is used in artificial intelligence? ›

Some of the most important tools and frameworks are: Scikit Learn. TensorFlow. Theano.

Is Microsoft AI Builder free? ›

AI Builder features that are in preview release status are free to use. You don't need to obtain a license to use AI Builder preview features.

What is AI builder built on? ›

Because AI Builder is built on top of Azure AI capabilities—and uses your data in Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Dataverse—you're able to train and build no-code models to enhance the intelligence of your business apps.

What is Google AI called? ›

Google AI, formerly known as Google Research, is Google's artificial intelligence (AI) research and development branch for its AI applications.

What Government agency uses Azure? ›

Azure Government is used by the US Department of Defense (DoD) entities to deploy a broad range of workloads and solutions. Some of these workloads can be subject to the DoD Cloud Computing Security Requirements Guide (SRG) Impact Level 4 (IL4) and Impact Level 5 (IL5) restrictions.

What type of system is Azure? ›

Azure is Microsoft's public cloud platform. Azure offers a large collection of services, which includes platform as a service (PaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and managed database service capabilities.


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