Most Popular Product Feedback Tools: Overview - Mopinion (2023)

Get qualityproductfeedbackit is needed when you are building or just created a new product. It is also ideal to reachproduct-driven growth; a trend that has taken over the technology market. This sortUser feedbackcan provide you with critical data that will ultimately drive your product strategy. With this kind of feedback, users are looking for feedback not only from customers, but also from internal teams.

Post updated: June 2022

However, there are a few things to keep in mind no matter which tool you decide to useproductmanagersbe careful when collecting product feedback. For example, it is important to collect feedback from various sources and on an ongoing basis. A wide variety of resources can give you a more complete picture of how a product or feature has been received by customers or team members. In addition, collecting product feedback consistently helps you quickly spot trends and iterate faster.

What is Product Feedback?

Product feedback is feedback shared by your users about their experience and satisfaction with your product. This kind of feedback is collected in a variety of ways including digital feedback surveys, customer interviews, customer support tickets, review ratings, social media, etc. Though for the purposes of this article, we'll focus on the first method - digital feedback surveys.

This particular type of feedback is collected in a variety of ways and is often focused on a specific product goal, such as product launch, product development, user engagement, or even user testing (ie introducing new services, features, and upgrades).

Why is product feedback important?

Product feedback helps focus and align your product strategy. In other words, collecting feedback ensures that organizations don't build or improve products without knowing what impact it will have on those who use the product. Instead, they can use that data to more effectively prioritize their features and product launches.

Most Popular Product Feedback Tools: Overview - Mopinion (1)

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So the question is what kind of tools you should choose in terms of collectingproductfeedback?

In this post, we dive into four categories of product feedback tools, including:

  • Customer voice tools
  • Customer success tools
  • Community feedback tools
  • Testing tools for users

Let's take a closer look at each of these categories below.

Customer voice tools

Acquisitionthe voice of the customerdata is critical to the success of your digital channels and your product. With Voice of the Customer tools and Customer Experience tools, you can collect that data and shape products to the satisfaction of your customers. They give you insight into what the customer thinks, which obstacles they encounter on your website or app.

1. Mopins

Bron: Mopinion

While Mopinion is not entirely focused on product feedback, many of its users use this comprehensive user feedback tool to collect and analyze product feedback, such asMeisterTask,NCSAiabhor. Mopinion is a great solution that collects and analyzes feedback from your main digital channels: websites, mobile apps and email campaigns - all in real time. Mopinion is your helping hand in understanding customers or colleagues. A user-friendly interface allows you to create, design and configure feedback forms the way you want.

You can also target these feedback forms to specific groups of online visitors and gain insight into why they aren't converting. Your feedback can then be visualized on customizable dashboards and graphs for advanced analysis.
To take it a step further, digital teams can use intelligent alerts to share these feedback elements and take timely action.

Prices:Mopinion offers a variety of pricing packages for today's digital business. Mopinion's Growth Package starts at EUR 199 per month, followed by the Turbo Package for EUR 499 per month. Mopinion offers tailor-made offers for companies.

Interested? Start your free trial today or book a demo.

2. Instagrambug

Most Popular Product Feedback Tools: Overview - Mopinion (3)
Bron: Instagrambug

Instabug empowers teams to launch products with confidence through comprehensive bug and crash reports, performance monitoring, and real-time user surveys and feedback. This product feedback tool can also help you increase your response rate with user surveys because the surveys appear directly in the user's applications.

Prices:The basic package starts at $149 per month, the professional package at $249, and Instabug creates a personalized offer for the premium package.

Web page:

3. Wallet

Most Popular Product Feedback Tools: Overview - Mopinion (4)
Izvor: Interkom

Intercom serves as a platform for behavioral targeting and notification. Through live segmentation (live customer behavior information), this product feedback tool provides the user with details such as who is using the product and can send behavior-based in-app messages and emails. Users of this tool can also manage all support requests coming in through any channel through the team's inbox.

Prices:There are a number of different packages that only give access to certain functions (for example, sending targeted messages). The whole package costs $155 per month

Web page:

4. Love

Source: Love

Pendo is a versatile and simple product feedback tool. This tool helps users make product decisions and prioritize features. This is done by asking users for feature suggestions. Once submitted, other users can view feature ideas, vote for them, and add their own ideas to the feedback form. Pendo has a dashboard where users can analyze results and see which features are popular or highly rated by customers.

Prices:The starter pack costs $199 per month. However, enterprise level packages are also available (pricing on request).

Web page:

5. production board

Most Popular Product Feedback Tools: Overview - Mopinion (6)
Source: productbord

productboard is a product feedback tool that allows users to collect feedback from team members and customers on new product features so that they can prioritize products for development. This can be done using a feedback marker that links feedback to features and/or different parts of the website. This tool allows users to manage product development, product marketing, and launch activities from one place. productboard integrates with several popular agile planning tools such as JIRA, Trello, and Pivotal Tracker.

Prices:Prices range from $49 per month to $99 per month, depending on the package you choose.

Web page:

6. Ask nicely

Most Popular Product Feedback Tools: Overview - Mopinion (7)
Bron: AskNicely

AskNicely is another tool offered by NPS software that summarizes your product feedback into an easy-to-use dashboard. It offers simple surveys that can be sent to your website or app or via email, so you can collect user feedback on a daily basis. As a product manager, AskNicely enables you to share insights with your entire team. The tool has live reports so you can see at a glance which areas are creating a positive user experience and which are impacting your product.

AskNicely allows your team to respond instantly to customer feedback, either within AskNicely itself or using your CRM.

Prices:Prices vary - contact AskNicely to book a demo and inquire about pricing plans.

Web page:

Customer success tools

Customer success is becoming an increasingly important aspect of any business.Customer success toolshelps businesses proactively identify customers who need attention before they drop out. This type of software can even help you reduce customer churn, increase customer engagement and retention, identify opportunities for upsells and upsells, and discover customer advocates who help increase sales. But more importantly, it can help you collect product feedback from your customers...

7. User pilot

Bron: Userpilot

Userpilot is a customer success tool that doubles as a product feedback tool. Ideal for onboarding users through advanced segmentation, users can shape and personalize the onboarding experience. In addition, they can primarily collect product feedback through NPS surveys. It gives CS teams and product managers the insights they need to optimize the user experience.

PricesUserpilot offers three plans: Traction ($249 per month), Growth ($499 per month), and Enterprise ($1000 per month).

Web page:Web page:

8. SmartKarrot

Izvor: SmartCarrot

Another customer success tool is SmartKarrot. SmartKarrot is an intelligent platform that enables users to operationalize and scale customer success. However, it also offers a nice, built-in product feedback tool. In addition to push notifications and emails, users can also take advantage of behavioral triggers, NPS surveys, and qualitative feedback surveys.

Prices:Prices available on request. However, there are several packages to choose from.

Web page:

9. Clear back

Bron: Brightback

Brightback is a customer retention automation software that serves both customer success and product management initiatives. Using a custom bounce page, this tool allows users to learn more about why their customers are bouncing. The site, personalized using segmentation, collects insights into customer behavior, including real-time alerts when a customer cancels.

Prices:Brightback offers several packages, including: Essential ($250 per month), Performance ($2000 per month), and Enterprise (custom).

Web page:

10. Profit View

Bron: Gainsight
Gainsight - called one of the "hard" tools for customer success and product experience - CS is a tool that also collects great product feedback. Gainsight is primarily focused on preventing customer churn and organizes, categorizes and predicts customer behavior. With this feature, the tool quickly learns customer behavior and all possible outcomes.

Prices:Prices are available on request.

Web page:

Community feedback tools

Community feedback tools are essentially feedback forums, where feedback is collected through your website and posted as a topic in a public forum or community. Usually, other people within a community can vote for an idea, suggestion, or indicate that they too have encountered a particular problem on a website or app. This is also a great tool for collecting product feedback.

11. Prodpad

Most Popular Product Feedback Tools: Overview - Mopinion (12)
Bron: ProdPad
ProdPad is a business planning and product feedback tool that allows teams to share ideas about specific products. All suggestions and feedback are stored in the ProdPad product backlog, allowing users to quickly access specific items when needed. This tool also provides users with a timeline view that shows the latest news about a particular product.

Prices:This ranges from $99 per month (small businesses) to $2,499 per month (large businesses). There is also a premium package for mid-sized businesses at $299 per month.

Web page:


Most Popular Product Feedback Tools: Overview - Mopinion (13)
Canny is a product feedback tool that allows users to create boards where visitors can also post messages. It is a simple and uncluttered tool that allows users to communicate one-on-one with visitors. Canny also saves user profiles (where previous posts/comments are stored) so that visitors only have to log in once. In addition, there are voting options, user reports (sent to your email weekly), tagging options, customization options, and more.

Prices:Depending on the number of users, prices can range from $50 per month (100 users) to $500 per month (10,000 users)

Web page:

13. 10+ (Zehnplus)

Most Popular Product Feedback Tools: Overview - Mopinion (14)
Source: 10+ (Zehnplus)
10+ is a Swiss community platform ideal for product feedback. With 10+ you can advertise and sell your products, create an identity around your services, as well as your products and communication with your customers. The platform gives you a 360-degree view of how your community members interact - whether they're posting replies, sharing content, or providing product feedback.

Prices:Depending on the number of users, prices can range from $50 per month (100 users) to $500 per month (10,000 users)

Web page:

Testing tools for users

In addition, there are user testing tools that provide opportunities for product feedback. Similar to community feedback, because these tools use experiences from a panel of users, user testing tools allow the user to test websites, mobile apps, prototypes, frameworks, and software products for UX and satisfaction. The difference is that the results are private to the organization.

14. User Zoom

Most Popular Product Feedback Tools: Overview - Mopinion (15)
Bron: Userzoom
Every product manager knows that user testing is the key to product development and improvement. User testing helps product managers analyze and especially understand why and how users use their product. This way you always know where your problems lie.

However, finding the right users for these tests often proves to be a challenge. User Zoom can help you overcome this challenge. It's a user testing tool that manages the logistics of recruiting respondents and provides a testing platform so you can spend more time researching and analyzing results. You can ultimately concentrate better on your product.

Prices:There are three plans starting at $499 per month.

Web page:

15. User Testing

Source: User testing
UserTesting enables any organization to deliver the best user experience based on human insights. UserTesting's on-demand Human Insights platform enables companies across all industries to make accurate, customer-centric decisions at any level, at the speed their jobs demand. With UserTesting, product teams, marketers, digital and customer experience executives reliably and quickly create the right experiences for all audiences, increasing brand loyalty and revenue.

Prices:Price on request.

Web page:

Which product feedback tool is right for you?

When choosing the right product feedback tool, it's important to consider a number of different factors, including the size of your team (e.g. how many internal employees will be involved), how you want to receive data (e.g. ) and do you want it to be interactive (e.g. users can comment/vote on feedback items)?

We hope this review has given you some inspiration in choosing the right product feedback tool. If you have any suggestions or know of any other product feedback tools, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

Are you ready to see Mopinion in action?

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Most Popular Product Feedback Tools: Overview - Mopinion? ›

ProProfs is a versatile tool used by marketers, trainers, and businesses. It offers a number of different products including the Survey Maker which is used to capture customer feedback. You can choose from 100+ templates and 1,000,000+ survey question types.

What tool do you use to collect product feedback? ›

ProProfs is a versatile tool used by marketers, trainers, and businesses. It offers a number of different products including the Survey Maker which is used to capture customer feedback. You can choose from 100+ templates and 1,000,000+ survey question types.

What is a visual feedback tool? ›

Visual feedback tools directly capture the user's experience on your website. They are used to investigate usability issues, collect user feedback, and report bugs. They are used by marketers and web project managers alike to uncover issues during or after web development projects.

What is user feedback tools? ›

A user feedback tool is a tool that is used on your website or mobile app to discover how users experience your online service.

What are 5 methods of obtaining feedback from customers? ›

Here are 6 great ways to gather customer feedback:
  • Surveys.
  • Emails.
  • Interviews and Focus Groups.
  • Social Media.
  • Website Analytics.
  • Free-Text Feedback.

What is the best way to capture the users feedback on? ›

  1. Customer feedback surveys. Developing a useful customer survey may be more challenging than you think. ...
  2. Email and customer contact forms. ...
  3. Usability tests. ...
  4. Exploratory customer interviews. ...
  5. Social media. ...
  6. On-site activity (via analytics) ...
  7. Instant feedback from your website.
Nov 20, 2022

Which analytics is best used for analyzing customer feedback? ›

NPS & CSAT survey results

NPS and CSAT are the most common ways to collect customer feedback. Understanding the drivers behind positive and negative sentiment at scale is a powerful use case for AI-powered sentiment analytics.

How do you evaluate product feedback? ›

Seven steps on how to analyze customer feedback
  1. Collate your data. ...
  2. Determine how to categorize the feedback. ...
  3. Get a quick overview. ...
  4. Code the feedback. ...
  5. Refine your coding. ...
  6. Calculate how popular each code is. ...
  7. Summarize and share.
Aug 28, 2019

What are the common methods for feedback? ›

There are four types of constructive feedback:
  • Negative feedback – corrective comments about past behaviour. ...
  • Positive feedback – affirming comments about past behaviour. ...
  • Negative feed-forward – corrective comments about future performance. ...
  • Positive feed-forward – affirming comments about future behaviour.
Feb 9, 2023

What are the three major types of system feedback? ›

According to Douglas Stone and Sheila Heen from Harvard University, there are three different types of feedback based on purpose: Evaluation, Appreciation and Coaching.

What is survey feedback tool? ›

Online survey tools are SaaS-based software that help collect targeted insights and data from the target audience using surveys, quizzes, lead forms, and feedback forms. These tools are great for gauging both in-the-moment and long-term customer experience on your website, mobile app, and SaaS product.

How do you gather user feedback on a product? ›

How To Collect User Feedback
  1. Interviews, Polls, and User Surveys. There are several types of user feedback collection. ...
  2. Focus Groups. ...
  3. User Forums. ...
  4. In-app User Feedback. ...
  5. Analytics may also be a source of user feedback. ...
  6. A/B testing. ...
  7. Ideas Portal. ...
  8. Usability Tests.

What are the types of feedback visual? ›

Three types of visual feedback were used: bar indicator, pie indicator, and cartoon indicator.

What is feedback management software? ›

Definition of feedback management software

Definition: A feedback management software is a system of processes and software that empowers enterprises, businesses, non-profit organizations and all such entities to manage and deploy surveys centrally ensuring dissemination of authority and analysis.

What is a feedback loop UI? ›

Feedback loops are processes where designers use a system's outputs as inputs to find cause-and-effect relationships within it. Some systems (e.g., the environment) have many feedback loops, and the effects of human actions can take decades to show.

What are the 3 P's of receiving feedback? ›

Anytime a student wants feedback, help them identify what type of feedback they want: personal, peer, or professonial.

What are the 4 types of feedback? ›

Tony Holt
  • 4 Types of Feedback.
  • No Feedback. Yes, this is a type of feedback. ...
  • Negative Feedback. This is when you tell someone what you don't like about their work. ...
  • Constructive Feedback. ...
  • Appreciative Feedback. ...
  • Effective Feedback = Constructive Feedback + Appreciative Feedback.
  • When giving feedback, avoid the big BUT.
Mar 2, 2015

How do product managers collect feedback? ›

Surveys allow product managers to ask customers questions in order to obtain their opinions. They are a low-cost, scalable way to capture feedback on a wide variety of topics. Survey data can help you turn your assumptions into facts and support or disprove hypotheses you have about customers and the product.

Which tool is used for customer satisfaction survey? ›

Qeryz is the leading customer satisfaction survey tool that lets you conduct real-time customer surveys, easily collect survey data, and get robust analytics to measure customer satisfaction. In just a few minutes, Qeryz's customer satisfaction software can collect customer feedback for your organizational development.

How do you Visualise customer feedback? ›

A time series line chart is a great way to visualize your customer satisfaction results over time. It's always a good idea to send out customer feedback surveys in regular intervals, and including an unchanged customer satisfaction question is a great way to track how satisfaction rates are trending.

What is one of the most used tools for marketing analytics? ›

The Best Marketing Analytics Tools
  • Google Analytics. This is a basic and free website analytics tool provided by Google. ...
  • MixPanel. The goal of MixPanel is to track the events on your website, mobile app, or product. ...
  • Whatagraph. ...
  • The AdWords Performance Grader. ...
  • Heap Analytics. ...
  • Cyfe. ...
  • Klipfolio. ...
  • Optimizely.
Sep 29, 2020

How do you evaluate product performance? ›

Product Performance Metrics:
  1. Revenue Per Customer. Looking at how much revenue you're earning per customer is a great way to get information about your product category, and how closely it matches the audience your business is attracting. ...
  2. Revenue Per Product. ...
  3. Churn Rate. ...
  4. Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)

What are the three steps in product evaluation? ›

Evaluation Procedure: The last step of the Evaluation Process Model is refined into three steps, namely measurement, rating and assessment.

What are the 5 types of feedback? ›

Feedback can take many forms such as oral, written, informal, formal, descriptive, evaluative, peer and self-assessed feedback.

What are the 6 types of feedback? ›

  • 1 Intrinsic feedback. Intrinsic information is associated with the feel of the movement as it is being performed. ...
  • 2 Extrinsic feedback. ...
  • 3 Positive feedback. ...
  • 4 Negative feedback. ...
  • 5 Knowledge of results. ...
  • 6 Knowledge of performance.

What is a popular and effective feedback technique? ›

The DESC feedback technique - describe, express, specify, consequences - is a simple and powerful way to express to an individual what you would like them to do more, less, or differently to enhance their performance and maximise their effectiveness.

How do you track product feedback? ›

Part II: How to track customer feedback effectively: your step-by-step guide
  1. Step 1: Figure out where your feedback is coming from. ...
  2. Step 2: Consider when you want to collect feedback. ...
  3. Step 3: Consider what feedback matters to you and who said it. ...
  4. Step 4: Choose a centralized spot to collect feedback.

What is the free tool to collect feedback? ›

Thank you for your feedback.
  • Qualaroo. Qualaroo is another free tool and among the top free in-app feedback tools that businesses prefer to use because of its amazing features, such as advanced targeting. ...
  • TypeForm. ...
  • SoGoSurvey. ...
  • SurveyMonkey. ...
  • JotForm. ...
  • Zoho Survey. ...
  • Crowdsignal. ...
  • Fynzo Survey.
Jun 6, 2022

What is a new tool used to collect employee feedback? ›

Connecteam is a comprehensive all-in-one operations app that allows businesses to collect employee feedback through forms. This easy-to-use platform allows you to quickly and efficiently create surveys and questionnaires to gather data about your team and its performance.

What are the three methods used to encourage customers to provide feedback? ›

Feedback boxes, surveys, and social media engagement are some of the many possible feedback methods available. Constant feedback information gathering is vital in maintaining a competitive edge, as it enables businesses to tailor their services and products to shifting customer requirements.

How do you collect and analyze customer feedback? ›

How to analyze customer feedback manually
  1. Step 1: Choose your feedback channels. There's a ton of different feedback channels out there. ...
  2. Step 2: Collate your feedback in one place. Export your feedback and collect all the raw data in one place (e.g. an Excel sheet). ...
  3. Step 3: Categorize your feedback.

What is the best tool to collect feedback keeping the participants abstract from each other? ›

Typeform is a popular feedback collection tool, thanks to its rather simple and charming survey solutions. Typeform is really handy when it comes to embedding additional elements such as videos and images, and the interactive, one question at a time format of survey experience has many fans.

What is the best 360 feedback tool? ›

Overviews Of The 10 Best 360 Degree Feedback Software Systems
  • Primalogik. ...
  • Leapsome. ...
  • SurveySparrow. ...
  • ClearCompany. ...
  • Lattice. ...
  • iSpring Learn. ...
  • Culture Amp. Best software for a holistic performance management approach. ...
  • 15Five. Best for leaders seeking a complete and objective picture of performance.
Mar 23, 2023

What is the 360 feedback tool? ›

A 360 feedback tool is an online platform that automates the process of acquiring 360-degree feedback. The 360 feedback program is predominantly used in the workforce for gathering performance feedback for an employee.

What online tool can I use to gather feedback? ›

A Detailed Overview of Best Customer Feedback Tools
Customer Feedback ToolsFree TrialG2 Rating
6 more rows
Mar 9, 2023

What are the 4 steps involved to provide the best feedback to the employee? ›

Here are four steps to follow:
  • Observe with both eyes open. The first rule of good feedback is simple: You can only give feedback on what you see and hear. ...
  • Ask yourself three questions before giving the feedback. ...
  • Build trust when giving feedback. ...
  • Set actionable steps.
Oct 25, 2018

What tool is used to monitor an employee's productivity? ›

1. SentryPC. SentryPC is one of the top employee monitoring solutions for a number of reasons, but its ability to covertly allow managers to track user activity makes it one of the premier options.


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