Secret Zodiac Signs He Likes You (2023)

Secret Zodiac Signs He Likes You (1)You have a crush and want to know if he's into you? Look no further than your zodiac sign for clues. Some men are very open about their feelings — some actually shout them from the rooftops whenever they can — while others keep them under wraps until they feel more secure and connected. The reason for such a wide variety of tokens of love among men? It's simple: each sun sign has its own way of expressing attraction and desire. If you know the intricacies of your husband's zodiac sign, you can read between the lines of what he says and does to decipher his interest. Read on to find out how to tell if he's into you or not.

The sign of Aries is not known for its subtlety. When an Aries man likes you, he will make it very clear by turning up the heat and doing it as quickly as possible. If your Aries crush happens to be a friend or colleague, they'll be persistent in signaling their interest -- they'll find excuses to drop by your desk whenever they can, stay by your side when you're with a group, and all to do to show it off. in front of you and keep your attention on him. Speaking of which, your competitive side will also hold its own whenever it needs to -- or even when it doesn't. If he suspects that someone else might be vying for his attention, he will actually cast the spell. The truth is, when you're the object of a sheep's desire, you hardly have time to wonder if he's into you or not. He'll blow your mind before you even have time to blink.

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If Taurus is interested in you, they will express their desires with compliments, gifts, sweet gestures and gentle persistence. Taurus is known for its sensuality and Taurus men definitely know how to handle the object of their desire. Expect spontaneous shoulder rubs, a homemade treat, a serenade of your favorite song, or other small but meaningful signals that clearly say, "Hey, I like you." After all, when he's attracted to you, he wants to please you, and he thinks , the quickest way to do this is to engage your senses. Taurus men are very thoughtful and can be quite single-minded in their focus; So if he has his eye on you, he will probably know. So all you have to do is sit back and enjoy being courted.

When it comes to romance, the Gemini sign can be difficult to pin down. On the one hand, you can be pretty sure he likes you: he's flirtatious, curious, and obviously interested in learning more about who you are and what makes you tick. On the other hand, you can see that he's not the only one he treats with such curious attention. It's true, Geminis have flirting as an art form and are often interested in more than one potential romantic partner at a time. They're not exactly gamers; They just have different interests. The key is if your Gemini man keeps coming back — and if you can keep him guessing. If you can pique his interest, keep him on his toes, and show him that the conversation is always flowing, you'll make him crave your fascinating attention more and more.

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Cancer is one of the most difficult zodiac signs to figure out when it comes to romance. Cancers are famous for their desire for self-protection, not to mention the depth of their emotions. Until he feels completely and utterly secure in you, your feelings, and your intentions, he can keep his own as a deep secret. Still, there are ways to tell him he's into you — like lecturing you sternly about fixing that broken taillight on your car, or taking over one of your office tasks like you can't handle it . Alone. This is one of the counterintuitive things about Cancer men: when they start acting like a slightly overbearing father figure, then you know they are genuinely interested in you. Remember that safety, protection, and putting down roots are a Cancer's top priorities in life. When he falls in love with you, he wants to take you under his wing. As soon as his protective wave spreads over you, you will know that you have his heart.

The Leo sign makes it easy for you to guess whether or not he is attracted to you. In fact, there's almost no guesswork involved: as one of the most passionate zodiac signs, Leo demonstrates affection in a variety of ways that are hard to miss. Think big gestures: whether he's filling your desk with bouquets of roses or getting on his knees asking out a date, Leo definitely knows how to make an entrance and get your attention. You'll also know he's into you when he's dating you and showing you off to all his friends like you're some bragging rights — and to him, you are just that. Generally, Leo makes his attraction clear by taking you along treated with the warm glow of his attention and affection. As long as he knows you share his feelings, he will be your greatest champion and cheerleader. And that's the kind of interest that's very hard to lose.

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Figuring out if a Virgo man is interested in you can be a difficult and time-consuming task — but it's worth the wait if a romantic bond does form between you in the end. When it comes to their feelings and interests, Virgo men are notoriously reticent, especially when someone else is also vying for your attention. If Virgo feels like they have competition, they probably won't step forward and compete like certain other zodiac signs would. Instead, he takes a back seat and lets you approach him—after you've worked things out with the other person, of course. So how do you know if Virgo is attracted to you? Pay attention to his subtle signals, especially when you are alone. If he's interested, he'll listen carefully when you speak and offer sensible, insightful advice on any questions you might raise. He will always treat you with respect and chivalry. Above all, give him time. If something really is between you, it will blossom into a connection that neither of you can deny.

Ruled by Venus, the sign of Libra is one of the most romantic signs of the zodiac. Libra men really wear their hearts on their sleeves for all to see. If he's interested in you, you can't help but be aware of it - he'll send you flowers, leave sweet messages, and tell all his friends how fascinating he finds you. He will never shy away from giving you flowers, holding your hand in public, or engaging in other "couple" behaviors that other men might shy away from. In fact, he's a natural at gestures that make you swoon, like singing you a love song in front of all your co-workers or re-enacting a scene from your favorite romantic movie. Yes, it's easy to tell when you've won the heart of a Libra man. The hardest thing is knowing when you have hurt or offended him as he will do anything to keep a smile on his face and yours. Handle him with care as he has a particularly delicate heart.

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The Scorpio sign is one of the most sensual and emotional signs of the zodiac. Scorpio men are not flirtatious; They take the intimate connection far too seriously for something as frivolous as this. If he's into you, you'll find that he's watching you closely and you may notice that he's making up reasons to be around you. If someone else is also interested in your attention, you might even see your Scorpio man acting surprisingly jealous or possessive, even if you're not already a couple. Scorpio just feels things deeply, and that's especially true in the realm of attraction. Of course, he knows how to win his heart simply by upping the intensity. When he's around, his gaze can feel like a laser beam, and his physical proximity can make you sweat. Trust that he is fully aware of these implications; this is how he wants you to feel – like an animal caught in the crosshairs of his desire.

You know you have the Archer's attention when he starts trying his best to make you laugh. Sagittarius men are notoriously good-natured, and the twinkle in their eyes can be irresistible. If he entertains you with funny stories or actually clowns around like a kid in front of you, you know you have his attention. And when he invites you on an adventure—from rock climbing to a foreign movie to an impromptu day trip—it's a sign he finds you fascinating and wants to know more. Just don't expect the archer's attention to be constant. He is a free spirit, tending to blow where the wind takes him; One day he might bring you a handful of hand-picked flowers, and the next he might forget to call altogether. As long as he keeps reaching out, you'll know his interest continues.

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The Goat sign tends to be quite direct when expressing their romantic interest — once it gets to it, of course. Hardworking Capricorns are incredibly busy, often too busy to spend much time on dating and romance. And when he finally arranges a date with you, it can feel more like you arranged a business meeting; It deliberately checks your contact details on your smartphone and may even ask your personal assistant to call you with time and location instead of contacting you personally. (Expect it to be one of the best restaurants in town since he wants to impress you.) Just be aware that his future is full of big and important things, so he might seem a little absent-minded or elusive -- even when in his mind he courts you with the best of hopes and intentions. Luckily, he has an earthy, sensual side that comes out when it counts.

When it comes to attraction and desire, the Water Bearer is a sign that can really keep you guessing. An Aquarius man might show his interest by inviting you to an avant-garde art exhibition or a demonstration to end world hunger—not exactly the most traditionally romantic dates. And then, when you accept his invitation, he may seem so distant and distant or so focused on everyone but you that you end up wondering why he invited you in the first place. Rest assured, you are not; that's just the enigmatic riddle of Aquarius. In his mind he knows he's interested. So he just sees no reason to overdo it to really show you how he feels. Of course, you might need a little more attention, feedback, and validation. Often the key to knowing if you've won an Aquarius man's heart is to find out what they say about you to others. You may need to investigate mutual friends who know where his interests lie.

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The Pisces sign shows interest through creative expression and intuitive, nurturing attention. First, if he likes you, he will spend a lot of time making soul-to-soul eye contact. After all, for Pisces the eyes are the windows to the soul. He might play songs he wrote himself, or present you with a small book of poetry that he finds beautiful and meaningful. Pisces men can be a little hard to pin down or figure out - they're almost otherworldly in a way - but they are true romantics who wear their hearts on their sleeves. As your attraction grows, he becomes emotionally vulnerable to you and shows how deeply attuned he is to you, seeming to anticipate your needs even before you put them into words. The more deeply he hears and understands you, the more you can be sure that he will lose his heart to you.

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