Top 10 TEFL Certification Courses in New Jersey: 2023 (2023)


Are you fluent in English and interested in teaching?

Are you thinking about changing jobs and would you like to explore a new field of activity?

Are you an enthusiast willing to travel and visit countries while working?

Then the TEFL certification course is an excellent choice for your adventurous soul.

The TEFL certification course offers you the opportunity to teach English to non-native speakers.

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Top 10 TEFL Certification Courses in New Jersey: 2023 (1)

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English is the world language. It serves internationally as a link between trade, tourism, business and science. It connects you worldwide and opens doors to new job opportunities.

People all over the world in different age groups are eager to learn English. Whether you are a traveller, student or business person, insisting on learning the English language is exciting.

Completing a TEFL course grants you access to the global community and allows you to mentor students around the world.

If you are fearless, adventurous and want to explore the world, the TEFL course is the right destination for you.

Complete a TEFL certification course with an internationally recognized and accredited organization, become a certified TEFL teacher and you will have a wonderful opportunity to teach in exotic locations around the world.

The advantages of the TEFL certification course is that you can travel and work synchronously. That would be plucking flowers by their thorns!

It includes stunning exotic locations like Europe, Latin America and Asia.

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Top 10 TEFL Certification Courses in New Jersey: 2023 (2)

So let's start the journey of the TEFL course.

What is TEFL?

TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

Synonyme für TEFL sind Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages ​​(TESOL), Teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) und Teaching English as a Second Language (ELT).

After completing the TEFL course, you will be a certified TEFL teacher qualified to teach English as a foreign language abroad.

This post will guide you to the TEFL certification courses in New Jersey.

Impressive facts about New Jersey

New Jersey is a state in the northeastern United States. It is known for its beautiful beaches, busy roads, good food, intense and diverse culture.

New Jersey has the highest population density of any US state.

New Jersey is the “Restaurant Capital of the World”.

It is nicknamed the Garden State

New Jersey witnessed the famous 20th century scientist, Thomas Edison, propose the idea of ​​an electric light bulb.

The Monopoly game features real street names in Atlantic City.

Why is the TEFL course essential?

You have the opportunity to pass the TEFL certification exam and become a certified TEFL teacher abroad.

Refine your skills and methods and protect yourself with new techniques for teaching non-English speakers

Provides insight into student psychology

Help develop a unique and original lesson plan to teach candidates.

Boosts your productivity and confidence

Satisfies your desire to visit the destinations on your bucket list

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Key points when choosing TEFL course

Ensure the course has the required accreditations and affiliations.

Course and resource material must be of high quality.

Lessons should be practical and easy to understand.

Course material should include multimedia and graphics to keep you engaged.

The course must be inexpensive and affordable.

When choosing between face-to-face and online TEFL courses, you may face a dilemma.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Let's discuss the pros and cons.

Face to face TEFL courses


You will have the opportunity to interact and discuss with the trainer and the batchmates.

It offers you the opportunity to build skills and receive quality instruction from experienced instructors.

In contrast

Requires a fixed amount of time to attend classes and search for nearby course locations. In addition, you may have to move to another city, rent the room and incur additional costs.

Face-to-face classes are full-time, which means you may need to take a break from your current job.

TEFL online courses


You can access the course from the comfort of your home whenever it suits you best. There is no need to travel to the course location, saving on transportation and rental costs. You enjoy the hidden benefit of not jeopardizing your work schedule.

Online courses are available at lower prices than face-to-face classes as university and campus fees are not included.

On these accounts, online courses offer flexibility in your schedule, location and cost savings.

In contrast

The weak point is that you need a device and a good internet connection. You may have problems with the excellence and characteristics of the course. You may face challenges related to the level of instruction, curriculum, or resource materials

The 10 best TEFL certification courses in New Jersey are listed below. I hope it gives you some insight into the world of TEFL courses.

In this post, I have provided details of the best TEFL certification courses in New Jersey along with course duration, fee details, internship positions, and job support offered by the organization

1. Akademie Henry Harvin TEFL

Henry Harvin is a notable organization that offers an online TEFL certification course.

Has a huge alumni network with over 23,000 graduates worldwide


Henry Harvin's TEFL course is certified by the AAEFL (American Association of EFL).

It has received memberships from UK Cert, UKAF (UK Accreditation Forum), MSME (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) and Government. from India.


Henry Harvin's #1 Online TEFL Certification Course offers 120 hours of live, interactive lessons along with in-depth explanations and an immersive learning experience.

It is an instructor-led training program.

You get access to LMS (Learning Management Access)

It offers you one of the best educational practices in the form of pre-recorded videos, monthly replays, and quizzes.

The trainers have more than 10 years of experience in international companies.

The curriculum takes the form of a live virtual classroom

Course duration and fee

Henry Harvin's online TEFL certification course is 120 hours and costs $299

Job support is offered to graduates.

contact details

+1 508-936-5088


355, Serrano unit, 10c

San Francisco, CA 94132

United States - 85253

Try it - TEFL certification course in

2. International TEFL Academy

It is a well-known TEFL certification course.

Established in 2010, it certifies more than 6,000 graduates over the course of a year

The International TEFL Academy has been rated A+ by the BBB

It offers online TEFL certification courses in over 25 locations worldwide.

The International TEFL Academy's alumni network is global and includes alumni in over 80 countries.


Received Level 5 Ofqual (UK Government) accreditation from TQUK (Ofqual's Authorized Accreditation Body).

They offer online TEFL courses and in-person TEFL courses.

Online TEFL courses can be accessed full-time and part-time.

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ITA offers you the online TEFL certification course that can be taken from the comfort of your home, as well as in-person TEFL courses at over 20 locations in North America, Asia, Europe and Latin America.

Duration of the course

The TEFL online course is 4 weeks for full-time duration and the TEFL online part-time course requires 11 weeks for completion.

The full-time TEFL classroom course lasts 4 weeks.


Includes TEFL webcasts, e-books, guides, course demos, and PDFs with country-specific guides

The curriculum includes live hands-on classes

ITA provides you with college-level instructors.

They offer lifetime guidance and job search support

contact details

Local 773-634-9900

United Kingdom +44-203-318-6930


916 West-Diversey-Parkway

Chicago, 60614


3. TEFL-Profis

TEFLPros was founded by Jos and Whitney


TEFLPros is accredited by Accreditat.

Accreditat is an international accreditation body based in SCOTLAND, United Kingdom.

It sets strict standards for the accreditation of TEFL companies.

TEFLPros offer a 120 hour TEFL Digital Certificate Course



  • Video of 17 hours of classroom observation
  • The curriculum with 10 modules and 32 units
  • Chat videos for teachers
  • explainer videos
  • sheets and tasks
  • Tests and Reviews
  • TEFLPros activity book
  • To interview TEFLPros
  • Curriculum Guide

TEFLPro offers lifetime support at work

TEFLPros Address:

PO Box 18561

Asheville, NC 28814

4.Teach OISE TEFL da Teach Away

This TEFL certification course is internationally recognized by the University of Toronto.

The TEFL course is 100% online and self-paced. So you can complete the course at your leisure.

Course Duration and Fees

You can select a course from the options of

  • Base TEFL (100 hours) $995
  • Most Popular (120 hours) $1295
  • Premium (150 hours) $1495 Course duration


The curriculum can be completed in a maximum of one year. Students take an average of 2 to 3 months to complete the degree.

The 120 and 150 hour TEFL courses give you the option of choosing two specialization units.

With the help of the Specialization Units, you can focus your education on the areas most relevant to your career.

For your information, some of the specialty units included are listed below

  • English lessons for Korean speakers
  • Teaching English to Arabic speakers
  • Teaching English to Mandarin (Chinese) speakers
  • English lessons for young learners

contact details

Phone: +1(855)833-5665

Email:[email protected]


5. TEFL Level 5 Online Course with TEFL Academy

TEFL Academy offers you a single online TEFL Level 5 course.

It offers access to an online campus for 6 months


The TEFL Level 5 course is DEAC approved and meets the criteria for Quality Approved Curriculum (AQC) status.

DEAC is the national accreditation body of the US Department of Education.

The course is also regulated by Ofqual (UK government agency).

The TEFL Level 5 course is awarded by Qualifi, a UK Government recognized body.

Duration of the course

The TEFL Level 5 course lasts 168 hours.

course fee

The course fee is $530, with the offer the price has dropped to $265 (offer valid until March 9, 2021).


The TEFL online course consists of ten required units. All ten units are graded by exam.

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Selected units have assignments graded by course.

You will receive a free supplementary course in Teaching Young Learners, Teaching Business English or Teaching Online and 1:1.

6 months course access is granted.

You can complete the full-time TEFL certification course in 4-6 weeks.

What is a Level 5 qualification?

A Level 5 qualification means Ofqual (UK Government) has approved the qualification.

According to the TEFL Academy, the TEFL Certificate Level 5 (168 hours) is the same level as the following qualifications: a Higher Education Diploma (DipHE), a Foundation Diploma and the CELTA and Trinity CertTESOL qualifications.

They offer TEFL internships in Argentina, China, Hong Kong, India, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam!

contact details

+1 347 434 9694

Email:[email protected]


A Academia TEFL


616 Corporate Way, Suite 2-4279 Valley Cottage,

NY 10989,



6. i Para i TEFL

It is an online TEFL certification course.
It was founded in 1994 and has more than 25 years of experience.
It is an Ofqual regulated course
Also accredited by the ODLQC (Open & Distance Learning Quality Council), an independent body that verifies the quality of Open and Distance Learning.
Duration of the course

They offer courses in

  • 120 hours
  • 180 hours
  • 300 hours

course fees
Course fees range from $299 to $1099.
You can enjoy the course at lower prices while the sale is ongoing.
Depending on the course selection, the course can take anywhere from 6 to 16 weeks to complete.
They offer internships abroad in amazing places like Vietnam, China and Thailand.
It offers a resource pack consisting of Grammar eGuide, Essential TEFL eBook and much more.

contact details
+44 871 423 9941
Email:[email protected]
i-para-i TEFL
Suite 2, Chantry House, Victoria Road,
Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS5 3JB,
Great Britain


7. UNI Institute-Prep

UNI-Prep is a private institute and offers courses in teacher training (TESOL), economics and management.

It offers an online TEFL certification course.


UNI-Prep is accredited and recognized internationally by Accreditat.

O UNI-Prep Institute offers programs as TESOL online. TESOL means English Teacher for Students of Other Languages.

Course Duration and Fees

The TEFL courses offered can be divided into 3 categories.

  • TESOL certificate 120 hours for $195
  • TESOL Diploma 250 hours for $399
  • 3 weeks live TESOL/TEFL for $895

UNI-Prep provides you with experienced tutors for advice and clarification of doubts.


Contains video lessons and grammar teaching techniques.

Practice is optional

You have the option to choose whether you want TESOL OR TEFL on your certificate

He will email you a letter of recommendation electronically on official UNIPrep letterhead

Provides a job search guide

contact details

Phone: 1-888-244-1106

Email:[email protected]


4455 Murphy Canyon Road, Suite 100

San Diego, CA 92123




ITTT has been offering online and in-person TEFL certification courses for over 20 years.
Graduates from 36 different countries.
They have a huge network of schools around the world.
ITTT TEFL courses are validated by Lamar University (USA), Paris College of International Education (France) and Siam Technology College (Thailand).
You will receive an official certificate from the Paris College of International Education with your international TEFL certificate.
It is also accredited by OTTSA – Online TESOL and TEFL Standards Agency
IATEFL - International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language
teacher school
Members of the Regional Council of Academic Advisors
European Global School (classroom teaching)
Course Duration and Fees
ITTT offers a variety of options in the form of

  • Online Certification
  • Diploma Online
  • face-to-face courses
  • Zoom-Courses
  • Specialized Courses

It offers various courses from the introductory course through the standard course to the advanced course.
The TEFL introductory course lasts 60 hours and costs approximately $299
Standard TEFL courses can be taken in three ways.

  • 120 hours for $340
  • 120 hours with tutor and video support for $495
  • 170 hours for $420

The advanced TEFL course can be divided into four categories

  • 220-hour master package with tutoring and video support for $699
  • 250 hour diploma course with tutor and video support for $1390
  • 470-hour professional package with tutor and video support for $1,298
  • Expert Pack with 550 hours of tutoring and video support for $1,690
  • ITTT graduates receive free lifetime employment support.

contact details
Call us in the US or Canada: 1.800.490.0531
Call in Thailand: 062 242 270
Email:[email protected]

9. myTEFL

MyTEFL is a member of the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL), the largest and most comprehensive TEFL organization in the world.
It is also accredited by two organizations
Online TESOL and TEFL Standards Agency (OTTSA)
International TEFL Accreditation Council (ITEFLAC)

Offers TEFL courses in 4 forms

  • Basic
  • Progressive
  • professional
  • Lehrer

Course Duration and Fees
The basic course is 40 hours for $139
The advanced course is offered for 80 hours for $249
Professional course is offered for 120 hours for $299
The master's course is offered for 140 hours for $349

Basic includes basic and advanced classroom management includes advanced approaches and grammar

Help with pre-departure arrangements, accommodation, bank accounts, SIM card and other support.
It provides lifelong job placement support.
TEFL job destinations include amazing locations such as Taiwan, Thailand, Korea, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, Hong Kong, Spain, Costa Rica, Singapore and many more.
General questions:[email protected]

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10. Peak

Maximo Nivel is one of the leading study abroad and educational travel organizations in Latin America.

It has 4 local institutes in 3 of the most beautiful countries in the world, Costa Rica,Guatemala and Peru.

Maximo Nivel offers several programs including

Voluntary Service Abroad

International internship

TEFL certification


Maximo Nivel is an internationally recognized organization. It is also accredited by

Ministry of Education of Guatemala

Ministry of Education of Peru

Global Associate Member of NAFSA - the Association of International Educators

Mitglied der Association of Language Travel Organizations (ALTO)

If you are looking for a cocktail of study, apprenticeship, international work experience or just want to discover a new country and language, Maximo Nivel is the right destination for you.

Organize accommodation, tours, transport, in-country projects and academic courses for you.

Course Duration and Fees

Maximo Nivel offers the following courses

  • On-site TEFL certification
  • TEFL Hybrid Certification
  • Online TEFL Certification
  • Specialized Courses

Course fees range from $495 to $1,500

contact details

Career @ Maximo Nivel



Many of them dream of traveling the world, but few succeed. So, gather your courage, research TEFL courses thoroughly and choose wisely.

Make sure you've checked course accreditations and affiliations, and look for on-the-job assistance.

Keep your spirits high and embark on your journey as a TEFL teacher.

frequently asked questions

Can you get a job with just a TEFL certificate?

For new TEFL graduates, getting that first job can be a bit difficult. So decide on a part-time course.

Is TEFL hard to pass?

Face-to-face classes prepare you for job interviews and classroom interactions. Online classes require strong determination and discipline to complete the curriculum.

Does the TEFL expire?

NO. The TEFL certificate does not expire.

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